All Gallery images lost from my RW8 Project

I have built a website for my photography club. On more than one occasion RW 8 has lost all images from all photo gallery pages - the place holder is there with a dotted outline and a question mark. The project file is substantially smaller so the images have been lost. Luckily I have backups so was able to restore a good copy, however, I was wondering if this issue is known and if so how can I avoid it happening in future.

@ChrisTH Can you tell us a bit more. What are you creating the gallery with? RW built in gallery or a 3rd party stack. What version of Stacks, and of Mac OS.

I’m very sorry you’ve experienced this. You’re not the only one. But until we know more details it’s hard to go much futher.

Do you run any cleaning utilities or software on your computer like the infamous “Clean My Mac” or “Dr. Cleaner”?

There have been documented cases on this fourm of these types of apps going bad and causing huge damage to RapidWeaver project files. Especially if this has happened more than once to you.

Anything that might run in the background to delete temporary caches / files or duplicate files could be to blame.

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Hi, I’m using a RW galley page, but I’m using Voyager Pro theme from Elixir -

I’m also a Stacks user and still on 3.5. Mac OS 10.15.4 - but I’m pretty sure this happened before I got Catalina, so not sure it’s OS dependent.

The RW project is 860MB but reduces to 360MB when the images are mysteriously lost. I’m guessing this can only happen on SAVE action?

Anyway, I’m very careful to have backups of my project file, but it is slightly annoying when it happens.

Thanks Will, no I’m not running anything like that.

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