Photos keep disappearing from project

I’m using RW8.3 with Aspen on my MacBook using macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta, and the app keeps on crashing. Worse, though, my photos keep disappearing from their image Stacks, and also from their slideshows using Superflex 3.0.8. I’ve managed to launch the web site despite losing the photos literally does of times, but now they’ve all gone yet again.

Is there any way of restoring the pages, or do I just have to add the photos manually one more time?

Is this problem most likely caused by using the Catalina Beta?


Kind advice: never trust beta versions for important work

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Make sure you are not using any duplicate file removing software. This sounds like they were deleted to me…

I managed several Macs for years… this is the type of thing that happens when a utility that hunts down duplicate files is used.

I run beta OS software on a separate for play hard drive. I wish you an easy fix for your troubles…

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