All my pages are suddenly empty

I’ve been working on this one page.
And suddenly all my other pages are empty.
I see taht this has happened to people before.

Yes, I have a backup, but now I need to merge that with the page I was working on.

  1. Is this a known bug?
  2. What’s the easiest way to merge two projects?

I had a moment or two when I accidentally created new blank page
which indeed is blank. where did everything go ? … page change undetected with sidebar hidden

wish there was a more dynamic [control.Z] revert changes across the board.
I’ve come to manually saving frequently as RW8 crashes with some stack combinations.

I get crazy stuff like that, I quit and don’t save and, reopen RW again and mostly it returns to normal. Maybe I lose a little work but usually when I reopen the project it’s OK again. RW has been a little buggy (or it’s the OS) but it’s not “new”. It’s been buggy for some time :wink:

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