Html pages turning completely blank on RW7

I’ve been using RW for ages. And this is a new and odd problem.
My website is simple: bunch of html pages, created with the “html code” option. No stacks or anything. Just simple html.

Recently, I realised that some pages with code had turned completely blank in the RW file. I only realised it on the website, which was embarrassing. The page was created couple years ago, published normally and well. But as the time passed, suddenly for no reason they turned completely blank and republished without me noticing that they were blank.
I didn’t work on them after their initial publication so it is not a “saving the file” problem.

It is as if I sleptwalked, opened up the RW file and erased the content of those html pages. And they are pretty random. I have around 200 html pages in my site and I have to check them one by one only to find out that it happened to some other pages too, randomly.

Any idea why/how this could’ve have happened?

Where are the sites hosted?

How strange. I’ve never heard of this problem before, is the html/text still visible inside the RapidWeaver pages?


notice that only my code is turning blank, the theme is there. so on the web, it just looks like an empty theme template.
the html code I put on RW disappears, not the whole page with the theme/css.


that’s the problem.
they were there for a decade or so, and last I checked some were gone.

The only difference is I upgraded to BigSur with RW7.

I’m surprised RW7 is running on Big Sur, we certainly don’t recommend that. It may be why there’s data loss (although I’ve not seen other reports of this). Only RW8 officially supports Big Sur.

Perhaps other RW users can chime in with their experience?

Please make a back-up of your project file, and ideally upgrade to RW8.

thanks Dan. I will upgrade to RW8 at some point, just couldn’t get to it yet.

Yes, I had many backups, that’s how I saved my data.

The odd thing was that the data loss seems to be at some random html pages only. Why those pages that I created [and never edited since] years ago?

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