Recent Changes to Project Not Saved

I’ve been working with RW for a couple of years now and have had virtually no problems, until now.

I made some major changes to my website last night and published those changes, which reflect perfectly on the site.

I saved the project as I exited the program, just as I always do.

This morning I open the project to add further changes and the project is as if I never made a change yesterday at all!

I even went to the published site just to see what I had done yesterday to be sure I wasn’t dreaming :slight_smile: !

I’ve searched my drives and cannot find anywhere that RW might have saved last nights work. The only file on my system that matches the search criteria is the one in the folder to where I normally save, and it’s as if nothing ever happened yesterday. All work gone.

Any ideas as to where my work went? Or at least how this may have happened so I can avoid this in the future?


It is very unlikely that the project failed to save without notifying you of the fact, so it must be there somewhere. Could you possibly have renamed it? I’d search for all files containing .rw6 (assuming you are using that version) and find any which were saved yesterday.

Thanks for the response Peter.

By the time I saw your response I had already gone in and manually reposted the changes that had been lost, and since I’ve had no issues.

I have no idea what the issue was.