All possible variables in Themes

I am trying to find a list of all possible variables that RW6 uses or can use in its theme.plist. Like for example %title%. Where can I find such a list?

That is great! Thanks!

I read this thing but it’s not all. For example in my .plist I see %separator% in the breadcrumb area. I could not find this one in the documentation, which makes me think that its either deprecated or a variable not for a developers’ use.

The reason I ask for an overview of all variables is that I need to use server side languages, like Lasso and PHP, inside the theme so the server side code is generated on every page. That way, when the pages are processed by Lasso or PHP, I can conditionally have certain submenus generated (hiding via CSS is not hiding, just not showing), among other things.

When I know all the variables, I can make the right choice where and how which code goes.

So, while this doc helps a lot, it is not complete, I suspect.

In the mean time, I’ll try jQuery to delete the DOM-objects I do not want when the page loads.