RW 4 to RW 7, No paid themes visible through finder, will block (2012) or stacks (2011) work?

I feel utterly lost. Looked up every Finder location for RW files listed on the forum, they are all blank, even in my old external back up. I used RW 4.4.2, purchased a plain configurable theme, can’t remember the name, can’t find it on the open app, as I don’t know which one is different.

Wanted to use the paid theme to configure new site, but I feel so lost. Any help available to:
1: discern if the themes showing in RW 7 include the paid one?
2: help me locate it? Have older MBP running 10.11 that RW 4 opens in and it shows no 3rd party themes.
3: To update: find proof of purchase of blocks/stacks and theme? I can’t find it in my files.

I’m not completely new to this forum, but previous password didn’t work … Thanks for helping.

First off, send an email to for that question and we’ll do our best to help you.

As for the forum password, it seems like you’ve been away for awhile and we changed software a couple years back and we all had to create new accounts. Sorry about that.

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