Allegro sample project

HELP! I moved from one iMac to another about six months ago and somehow, this Mac doesn’t have my sample project file — I did a thorough search. FYI: I’m trying to implement the social media icons.

Does anyone have the file they can send me? I reached out to Brandon Lee through the support email provided several days ago but nothing.


I’m assuming you are talking about the Allegro Pro version, I don’t have it but I assume it would come with the download file when you purchased it.

Have you tried redownloading the purchase from his lookup?

Thanks for the speedy followup, Doug.

I have the theme and the rest of the new website is looking really good. It’s just the implementation of the social icons that I need. And you’ll note, when you go to that specific template tutorial, it only refers you to the sample. (Other of his templates give you very specific code to copy into your Page Sidebar.

With all that said, are you recommending searching for my original purchase just to get the sample file?



I don’t know what is included with the download, but I’m guessing that the sample project is.

Just click the link above, put in the email address that you used to purchase and cartloom will send you a link to redownload the install files.

You should have ability to get the sample project you are asking about.

Perfect! Thank you.

Have an awesome day.

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