How to create Ecommerce site to manage by remote?

Hello i need to create site for a client to manage and edit by himself by remote Pc … how can i do it? Which stacks or plugins i need to have it? He wants to manage website by remote Pc without Rapidweaver or a Mac … something like CMS.
Thanks for helping

I don’t think there’s any kind of off-the-shelf solution using Stacks or Plugins.

I know that some people here have enjoyed success integrating an Ecwid store into a Rapidweaver site - search for Ecwid on the forum and see what comes back.

I think there’s a potential opportunity here for someone with more wit than I to put together a template for a store using Total CMS as the ‘engine’ and then other stacks as the front end. I’m sure it could be done.



If they want to change things other than the store you will need one of the CMS systems available - there are several.

Ecwid is a pretty easy way to set up a store system and works fine with RW. I have used it several times because it is pretty easy for the clients to understand and use. Just be sure that you quantify what features the client needs in a store system and make sure ecwid can do what they want. Some parts of ecwid are fairly simple to change with CSS and javascript - so parts not so easy or not at all

How does it work with RW?

What is “fine” LOL, just kidding…

Are you asking How you implement it on a page?
Its a simple paste some code in where you want things to show up type of thing.
It can be the whole store, a single item or a category of items.
You can also choose weather to show the mini cart , full style cart etc.

Here are three different examples on the same site:
Example -show whole category
Example - Show certain items/categories
Example - Show a specific item

ha ha - I was just wondering how it integrates. So having put your code where you want it in RW, the shop owners can update on the Ecwid site and these changes show on the RW site because the code always pulls in what’s on Ecwid? Interesting. A bit like pasting widgets. And the code is given to you or do you have to go find it from the page files?

Yes it is basically pasting widgets. and yes the client does all the item work in a browser on Ecwid.
Yes it always loads it from ecwid - it’s pretty fast, doesn’t seem to be a problem
The code shows up in the ecwid control panel when you set the store up.
You can also set up your ecwid store in Facebook

You can register for a free store to play with it. - no hastel
Ecwid has a pretty good help system and free support + active forum

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Sounds good - my current e-commerce project has 2000+ items - Might be a lot of work to integrate that lot but a more manageable site sounds very interesting

I believe you may be able to upload items via csv files also, not 100% sure, I would ask support.
Also there are some feature linitations although they are constantly adding features.
Make sure it will do everything you need upfront, it will take a little investigation.
I would definitely get a free store and play with it first, the free store has most of the features.

I’ve also done some pretty large commerce sites using PDshopPro for the commerce side. Very robust but needs a windows server (or at least it used to) You can actually build the entire site with it if need be, and no monthly $$.

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I would have a look at this