Ecwid and Rapidweaver

Does anyone know which version of RW is compatible with Ecwid’s plug-in, or if there’s a workaround?

The latest RW / Ecwid combo crashes everytime when trying to connect to my store. I’m trying to assess it for a new website, but whilst I can use the storefront / online dashboard without problems, I can’t get it to work in RW, so can’t test to see if it’s suitable (the storefront Ecwid provides isn’t suitable for my needs).

I understand there’s an option to manually copy/paste code for individual products, but with over 600 to include, that’s a viable option for my site.

Also, has anyone attempted using Ecwid’s API to enable logins for customers.

You don’t need to manually copy/paste code for each product, just add the Ecwid store embed into an html stack and you should be good to go.

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I use Ecwid and had this problem. I contacted them a couple of weeks ago and they said they’d recently updated their Ecwid stacks to work with the latest version of Rapidweaver. Sp perhaps try re-downloading their free stacks?

Hi Blue

I contacted Ecwid, and they say the latest version of the pluginn works with the latest version of RapidWeaver, but (the shop plugin, not individual Ecwid stacks), but it quits my system every time.

Delete the plugin and redownload it, maybe it got corrupted when you first downloaded it.

As @jabostick stated above, you don’t need the plugin at all. You can show your entire catalog, just certain category, specific products, whatever you want on any stacks page using nothing more than the html stack and the snippets that you get right from your ecwid store account.

That’s good. I need to know why the other method doesn’t work, though, as I’m not keen on committing to something that’s not fully operational on my system (no dispersions cast on Cartloom; my Mac could be the culprit).

I’ll give it a go.

Hey Kevin,

Matt from Ecwid here.

Did re-install help?

We fixed an issue mentioned here and I was under impression the current plugins version should work fine. If it doesn’t please let us know, we’ll look into it.

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It worked perfectly, thank you.

Deleted, downloaded, and reinstalled: all working perfectly, as far as I can see. Thanks Matt: much appreciated!


Cool! Happy to hear that!

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