Alloy and my blog entries

It’s really crazy! Suddenly all my carefully researched blog entries have simply disappeared.
How can that be? And where have they gone? Does anyone have an explanation and maybe even an idea how to save the entries?

I’m seriously wondering how this can even be?

Hi, maybe you should post your message on the Elixir support page here with more details to obtain an answer.

Hi @Gelbseidenraupe,

They generally don’t simply disappear. Could you post a link to your live site?

Also, where your articles are stores is a setting in the main Alloy stack, and the default is /posts (which means the articles get stored in a folder called posts that’s inside the folder that the page that holds your blog is in). This also means that if you move the page, the link to your old articles will be severed. you can restore this, and I can explain to you how to do this, but before I type that all out I’d first like you to check if you indeed moved the page :slight_smile:

To speed things up, could you supply the following?

  1. the URL to your live site’s blog page
  2. a screenshot of your Alloy Blog stack settings, specifically this bit:
    Capto_Capture 2024-04-04_08-55-42_
  3. tell us if you’ve recently moved the blog page inside your project
  4. tell us if you’ve recently changed the value of this field in the properties of your blog page:


Hi Erwin
here is a link:
Since I haven’t changed anything, it’s all the more astonishing to me that the blog posts suddenly all seem to be gone.
The only change was actually just the way of publishing to my host Hosteurope.
Out of sheer desperation, I had bought FileZilla at the time to be able to keep up with my files at all. Thanks to Dan’s help, we were able to solve the problem and everything is back to normal. Except for the blog posts.
I had a look at the files on the server and realised that although there is a folder called “posts”, it is unfortunately empty.
I’m going to look through all my files again and if I can’t find anything, I’ll probably have to start with new articles. Who knows what that’s good for …
But thanks for your help!

@Gelbseidenraupe There have been a couple of responses over at the Elixir forum. Might be useful to reply to them so you are getting direct support. See:

RapidWeaver doesn’t delete files/folders, it only overwrites existing files if they already exist.

@Heroic_Nonsense gave you some great tips, could you post those screenshots he asked for?

If nothing was changed and your posts were in that default “posts” folder and they are no longer there, then there are a few recovery options:

  1. Do you have backups enabled in your RapidWeaver publishing settings? I sort of recall that you do have backups enabled from when we were troubleshooting the publishing issue, but I’m not sure if we were looking at this specific project file. Open your project file for, head to the publishing settings, and check the “Backup Frequency” drop down menu. If it’s set to back up your project file, you can try restoring your last backup to see if the blog posts are recovered.

  2. Also if I recall correctly, before we got the publishing problem fixed, you were publishing locally to your Mac and then uploading with FileZilla. Do you still have those locally published files on your Mac? If yes, you can check the “posts” folder there and see if you can see your blog posts.

  3. If you don’t have backups enabled in RapidWeaver’s publishing settings and you don’t have the website files locally published on your Mac, you can call Host Europe and ask if they have account backups. Most web hosts do, and they can restore the contents of your blog from their backups.

  4. If none of the above things resolve the problem, you can copy/paste your articles from the Internet Archive. The most recent one I could find was from last December. If this is the only recovery option, hopefully you didn’t write too many blog articles after December. Link to the Internet Archive for your blog page is below:

We are doing an Office Hours session tomorrow if you need any help in real-time. Feel free to join if you have the time.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot Time Machine backups. If you have Time Machine backups enabled, check older versions of your project file until you find the most recent one with the blog posts.

Double Edit: Suggestions 1, 2, and Time Machine restoration would depend if the blog posts are actually stored in the project file. I was thinking something like another blog stack (Poster 2) where they are. I just looked at Alloy’s documentation briefly and it looks like maybe the blog posts aren’t stored in the project file… @Heroic_Nonsense is that right? I haven’t played around with Alloy to see how it works, and I just skimmed the YouTube videos…

Hey @dang,

Alloy blog posts are stored on the server (as it’s an online editing suite), and are not included with the project file, RapidWeaver backups or backups of local files. They would be included in the backup provided by the hoster though.

@Gelbseidenraupe I’ve had a look at your site. Since Alloy generated the example blog post, it would have determined that the /posts folder was empty or didn’t exist yet (at which point Alloy would create the folder and the example post).

This can mean one of four things:

  1. the /posts folder or its content has been deleted
  2. your website now resides in a different location on the server than it used to*
  3. the location of the posts was changed in the Alloy stack settings
  4. your blog page used to be in a different location in the site structure**

*you mentioned that the way you upload has changed. Did you also need to change the folder on the server where you upload to? If so, your posts will be in the old location.

**if you move a page to be a subpage of another page, or move a subpage to be a standalone page, the folder location changes too. This also means that the link to the old /posts folder is severed.

Could you provide the screenshots that I mentioned in my previous post?

In addition, could you check the following:

  • log in using FileZilla, and navigate to the /blog folder on your server
  • inside that folder, there should be a /posts folder. Go there
  • do you see anything else than the example post there?
  • while you’re at it, check if you can find a second /posts fodler anywhere else on your server (so look around a bit to make sure - it could be hiding anywhere). If so, does that duplicate hold your old posts?

Please check back in here with the results!


Oh well bummer, suggestions 3 and 4 would be the only recovery options then @Gelbseidenraupe, but at least you have 2 possible recovery solutions if the data was lost. Try @Heroic_Nonsense’s tips first though to try and locate the blog posts on your server.

Thanks @Heroic_Nonsense for the confirmation.

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Hey guys!
I’m really sorry to answer so late. Had a lot of work to do.
To finish this discussion, because each of us has more important things to to, I decided to start with news posts and articles in my blog.
Yes - it’s a shame that the older articles are gone, but the question is also “who reads the older articles anyway?”
So I won’t “bother” anyone with my questions anymore and thank you for your help!!!

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Some people might read them. They are also good for SEO anyway to get traffic to your website. :slightly_smiling_face:

Again your web host (Host Europe) would probably have backups of the blog posts that they could restore if you ask them (or at least they should). They probably would not keep those backups for long though, could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, so if you want to ask them it would be good to do it sooner rather than later.

Failing that, the blog posts are located on the Internet Archive here if you ever want to retrieve them.

You are not bothering anybody with your questions, it’s what we are here for. Ask anything you need. :slightly_smiling_face:

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