Using CommentsStack with Alloy

I’ve got a blog made with Alloy & Foundry, which has been lovely to work with.
I wasn’t too excited about Disqus or Hyvor for comments though and liked the idea of CommentsStack from Stacks4Stacks, especially because it doesn’t require readers to sign up or have an account of any kind.

However, I’m not sure how to implement it so that each blog post has its own separate instance of CommentsStack (i.e., I don’t want the same comments to show on every blog post). I contacted Will who told me that each instance of the stack needs a unique database name. Does anyone know how to do that with Alloy?

I found this advice for Poster which seems to be on the right track but using '.$post.' unfortunately didn’t work for me. But because I am not using Poster, I’m not exactly sure what the “Show/Hide” stack is, so that may be what I am missing. Is there something in Alloy that functions like that?

Any help is much appreciated!

  • Lumen

Alloy V3 has recently been released and includes the ability to have comments.

Thanks for replying. I should have clarified, I am using Alloy V3, but I didn’t like the tracking/cookies and the fact that readers had to sign in or sign up in some way with Disqus. (I tried to turn on guest commenting, but that required having to approve those comments manually, and the blog owner doesn’t want that.)

@Lumen Maybe @willwood who makes the Comments stack would be able to provide some insight about this. I’m not sure it’s easy/possible to do this with Alloy. But the developer himself would have a much better idea than me.

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