Alpha version of Elements

Hi Dan, may I know when will you roll out the alpha version of Elements?
We’re eager to try.

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I suspect they are going to be busy and maybe even delayed a bit with the compatibility for MacOS Sequoia. Building efficient workflows is a huge part of what I do. I hope it happens soon also. However they need it to be stable enough for Alpha testers to have a chance at reporting solid feedback. Your patience will be rewarded.

Don’t have a solid date (yet), but it’s our main goal to get an alpha out as soon as possible.

Please remember the alpha won’t be usable for production work. It will be buggy. The main focus is to get you guys a build to play with so you can tell us what’s missing (or needs changing) from the included Components.

More news soon!


Can’t wait to play. FYI I will do my best to break things LOL.

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Haha, as it’s an alpha, breaking things will be easy. We’ll be more interested in what features and Components you’d like to see.

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I am certain you have seen this, but about 500 suggestions! Not implying you steel them.

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