Alternative to Dropbox?

Hello, I see there are many discussions about Dropbox’s recent failures.

It looked as if many/most of my files were lost when Dropbox brain-farted out, but I found if I right-clicked and Showed Package contents, then I could double click the RW project file which was inside, and that would open.

However, I still need a synching or cloud solution. What are the best alternatives?

Does Box work?

Many thanks!

Using Box with RW. All plugins, stacks and RW site files in there. Works just fine. Can be paused until wanting to sync. When you restart, it always unpauses. The only caveat. Would be nice if they had a keep pause on restart setting. But, just having it always sync seems to be fine. Just don’t have to people accessing the box files at the same time.

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I use iCloud.


Hello, I’ve tried to copy everything over into iCloud drive but I don’t know if I’ve correctly located the folders for all the themes and plugins. Very confusing! What folders exactly should I copy into iCloud drive, and how do I set them in Preferences?

Many thanks in advance!

The addons folder is controlled by the addons manager(button near top right corner).

I have no problem with rapidweaver dropbox sync over two Macs – work and home. RapidWeaver project + Stacks – but also use iCloud for some rw-files.

I had problems with dropbox free annotation service earlier, but that’s 6-12 month – also seems to work fine now.

I was using iCloud and found that there would be delays, or it wouldn’t sync my project completely, so went back to Dropbox. However, Dropbox glitches on trying to sync everything that is in the package. Not uncommon to see the little green check on the main package, but Dropbox gets stuck synching, and inside the package are all these pages that have red "X"s on them. I have to take the file out of Dropbox, let it sync, and then put the file back in and it syncs completely. Very annoying. Oh…and I have gone to creating a local backup after I am done for the day just in case the file gets corrupted in the sync process. Just had to go through and remake a site due to this.

I take it to the extreme besides syncing I also try to encrypt my data … I use Wasabi with Arq Backup that is scheduled to on an hourly basis.

Create an account on Wasabi, under 1TB storage it’s $5.99/month, create a bucket where you want to store your data (make sure it’s set to private) then buy a lifetime ArqBackup and encrypt your data. I can also use Amazon Drive to backup among other cloud providers and it seems way more secure than just storing unencrypted data. You can also try to mess with cryptomator or boxcryptor … but I found the above combination the easiest, plus you have a controlled by you versioning of your stuff just in case.

No need to mess with your directory structure, meta tags, etc. you just set the folders/paths you want to encrypt/backup and you’re good to go (any folder, including your stacks/addons location)

I forgot to mention that I’ve also used and still pay for sync dot com … it’s a great service when you want to send shared links that are password protected with notifications without paying dropbox tax.

The above works well for syncing, but I didn’t like the fact that just like with dropbox I had to store my data in the Sync folder which didn’t preserve meta data such as tags, and symlinks didn’t really work all that well. Anyway, my 2c

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