Setapp has completely messed up my Rapidweaver

I ran into some issues with missing files on Rapidweaver (the Setapp version).

So I contact Setapp who talked me through uninstalling Rapidweaver and also Setapp itself, and then restoring them.

Alas, when I got it all back I am missing all my stacks and so all the websites are stuffed. But, when I look in preferences it looks like it is pointing at the right place for the libraries and the add-on files do seem to be there.

That said, I am no expert with this stacks/addons file location so I figure I must be missing something simple. They are stored in my Dropbox folder in a folder called ‘Rapidweaver Addons’.

I have got Dropbox on with doing a rewind, but amazingly they say it can take anything up to 24 hours (unbelievable, but true).

If there’s anyone can help it would be much appreciated.


DropBox may well not be your best option as a location to install and keep what are effectively ‘system’ files for RW.

What happens when you move them (perhaps after a re-install of RW etc) to, say, a subdirectory of your user’s Library’s Containers?


Lots of folks have used Dropbox for years for storing addons. Back when RW7 first allowed you to “move” the addons folder Ben’s video even suggests it.

Seems that’s all changed. Lots of people are talking about problems with Dropbox. Everyone appears to be migrating away from Dropbox. Microsoft OneDrive or iCloud seems to still work okay.

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Yep. I moved off DropBox. I only use it for a couple shares with people. I use iCloud Drive now.

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How is iCloud working out for you syncing RW projects and addons folder?

I moved from DropBox to OneDrive recently as DB stopped working as it used to, buy OneDrive is not much better. iCloud might be an option?

I sync everything around three machines.

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iCloud has been working great for me.


I now use the Setapp version of RapidWeaver, and it works great. A few things I noticed when I first moved to the Setapp version, was it saved everything RapidWeaver related in a different place (Stacks, Themes, Plugins) so I had to manually move everything to the new version

Also, as far as Dropbox goes, I used to have all my RapidWeaver Projects saved there as well, and it worked fine. But then Dropbox started taking over my computer and hogging all my resources every time I made a change to a file… like saving it… When I moved to Catalina, I also removed Dropbox from my computer, and just use iCloud now for my RapidWeaver Project files. Works fine. I do keep a backup of all my Stacks and Themes now on, and use “CloudMounter” (another Setapp App) as the way I access and save those files. I also use CloudMounter to access my Dropbox accounts, and OneDrive accounts. This way I don’t have competing Cloud apps hogging resources.

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A massive thanks to everyone for your feedback on this. It seems the problem is down to Dropbox so I will look at icloud, box, etc.

Just to give any Dropbox users out there the heads up. When I went into my Dropbox account yesterday to use the Rewind feature to go back by an hour it turns out it didn’t work. It errored. Contact Dropbox support and they could just send me vague lists of files that were not even timestamped.

I figured it was a temporary glitch at Dropbox so was pretty horrified to go in just now and got the same error.

So, if any Dropbox paying customers like me, are relying on Dropbox for the safety of your data in an emergency you might want to think twice as it seems features like Rewind are not reliable at all. Scary.

Thanks to you all for other suggestions though. I will be taking a look at those now as I’m no longer confident trusting Dropbox with my backups.

I use Onedrive now without an issue but make sure that Files On-Demand is not enabled.

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