Alternative to Michael David Designs

I’ve been using a theme from Michael David Designs called Codex on my website.
I had a bug that I needed fix/advice on but they haven’t responded in over a week.
I need recommendations on different themes that are similar to Codex.
I like the theme but am tired of the crappy customer service with MDD.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, do you have any of the frameworks like Foundation, UiKit 3, Foundry? you can easily recreate that site.

Or, take a look at: Euphonic Features - A RapidWeaver Theme
But be aware he has not created anything in a while, so I would reach out to the developer before buying.

Other options:

Can you put up a link so we can see what it is you want to create. Is it your personal site?
I used Codex way back and moved on for pretty much the same reason. Will Woodgate (stacks4stacks) has many themes and provides excellent service. BWD stacks can do everything that is there on the codex home page. If you haven’t already, check them out. is my site.
Supposed to be some images rotating in the background (a la the codex preview) but they won’t get back to me on how to fix it.
Thanks for the suggestions. If anyone else has some recommendations, please let me know!

It looks like the images are not on the server or permissions to them are not correct?

Does it look okay in preview?

If so, I’d first try a republish all files.

The “” being missing is not a problem. If you’re not using a favicon, then that isn’t a problem either. The other images are probably the images for your rotating background.

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Are the missing images from

If so, looking at the code, the links don’t appear to have a .jpg suffix. I wonder if that’s the problem?


Images ARE from unsplash, yes.
Opened up the site in my FTP program and those images aren’t being published there.

I’d strip everything back. Make a copy of the project and remove everything except the theme and one image that you want to place in the slider, following the instructions exactly. If that works, then you can add the next and so on.


Moose, you should also proofread all your content. You’ve got multiple errors.

Whoever hires/books you is likely acting more as a broker for the final Client.

Final Client is always looking for a reason to say no, and your current errors provide multiple reasons for No. Remove those reasons, or hire an editor to do it for you.

What kind of errors?

The site needs a good proof-read as @davidfreels suggests. For example:

“I am a voiceover artists with over 10 years professional experience doing voice work for local and national clients such as radio and TV commercials, video games, web videos, phone systems and more.”

You’re a voiceover ARTIST (singular);

Radio and TV commercials etc. aren’t ‘clients’, they’re ‘outlets’ that are used by your clients.

It’s all basic, tedious stuff, but is necessary to make the business look professional.


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Right. Thank you Rob and @davidfreels.

I thought you meant something ‘error’ wise with the Rapidweaver part of things.

Gotta take care of those basic grammar problems.

So what exactly is the advantage of a ‘frameworks’ type site like these?

They’re based on the Stacks plugin so it means you can more or less make the site look how you want. With a ‘normal’ theme the author has made many of the design decisions for you - navigation style, width, fonts, colours etc. With a framework you can use Stacks to build menus, sliders, sidebars, footers, choose fonts, etc. to suit yourself.

If you’re into design or have some experience, frameworks are a great option. If not, then the resulting sites can look a bit of a mess.


Frameworks are a lot more than a blank theme. They come with their own set of stacks that have a lot of the more common functionality built into the framework. Things like:

  • Columns
  • Lightboxes
  • Sliders
  • Forms
  • Navigation
  • Accordions
  • Tabs
  • Dropdowns
  • Buttons
  • Animation
  • Blockquotes
  • And more

These are all built into the framework. Yes, you do start with a “blank” canvas so you do have more freedom on layout and styling but the biggest advantage is all the built-in functions that you know will work seamlessly together.

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