Vertical navigation suggestions/experiences

I’m looking to create a vertical navigation side bar something akin to what is seen here: From my looking I’ve found a couple of possibilities but am hoping for some additional thoughts from the group here. I’ve found that Foundry has a vertical nav stack, however I currently don’t own Foundry). Any other stack suggestions for such a nav layout? Does Source or Foundation 6 have such a feature native to the Framework? Thoughts and experiences appreciated.

Here’s a link to Foundry’s (@Elixir) vertical nav (very nice IMO).

Foundation 6 has that ability and has some templates for vertical navigation.

Thanks @teefers don’t have Foundation 6 yet…have worked with the original Foundation release and really like it, so thank you for letting me know F6 has this feature built in.

@tav Big White Duck’s Magicgellen 2 stack does vertical menus I believe. Could it create an effect such as the examples in my OP?

Try this:

Thanks Joe will have a look at that.

MagicGellan is primarily an “in page” scrolling menu. While you can add links to other pages I don’t think it is what you are looking for. Your example is really just a normal drop down vertical accordion menu.

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