Foundation Pricing Question

Hi - I’ve been pretty happy working with Foundry (having come over from Freeway a few months back) but I have noticed a few things that Foundation seems to offer that Foundry can’t - navigation options being top of my list.

I may be just not understanding things but am I correct in thinking that I can download Foundation for free but then need to buy the $100 of stack bundles to make everything work?

I figured it won’t harm to have both Foundry and Foundation on hand to use for future projects.

That’s a different way of purchasing than Foundry so I thought I’d double check!


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Yes, the theme is free, but unless you know how to do a lot of coding, the stacks bundle costs $99.

It never hurts to have both.

But what navigation options are you specifically looking at? It may be that Foundry can easily accomplish what you want. Both Foundation and Foundry offer a variety of navigation options.

There’s both menu navigation (or primarily between-page navigation) and within-page navigation options in Foundry. Some of those are straight out-of-the-box, others take a little more imagination to enact.

Thanks for your help chaps.

I’ve found the Foundry navigation options quite restrictive - not much option for levels and details such as divider lines between nav titles for instance. For me navigation is king and having as much flexibility as possible can only be a good thing - both for how it looks and works.

We built our own site a few years back using Freeway Pro and whilst it’s not perfect the amount of information we needed to direct users to from the navigation required quite a few levels.

I’m hoping to rebuild the site using RW and with a CMS as a test project. I think that there are more navigation stack options for Foundation than Foundry currently?

It’s always great to have people’s views and experiences - especially as I’m a bit of newcomer to RW so playing catchup.


Foundry has 3 basic types of menu navigation:

  1. Menu Navigation
  2. Navigation Overlay
  3. Slide Navigation

Each of these has very different looks. And you can mix and match (i.e. some show up one desktop, others on mobile). But menu navigation alone is not the only thing to consider. On your website the Work menu is particularly long (I can’t see the full list on my laptop). In these cases a little imagination may. be more useful For example make Work a simple link and then on the Work page create a nice set of linkable options to subpages using a Grid system. This way there would not be a long list and you’d have more flexibility (e.g. images or drawings) in how you create the links on the main Work page.

It’s always possible that Foundation has more navigation options, but in several cases you need to go beyond the default navigation stacks for any platform.

BTW, the Slide Navigation in Foundry may be perfect for your needs.

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I use both Foundation and Foundry. Both are excellent, but they have different advantages and disadvantages. So I have the option to use whichever is better for the project I’m building.

I view both as great tools in my toolbox.

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BTW, the Potion Pack for Foundry was just released about 20 minutes ago. Amongst other things it includes 4 more navigation stacks. Check it out here:

So now there’s 7 navigation stacks, plus your own imagination to create other kinds of nav-layouts.


Yep, the Potion Pack is a great addition to Foundry. It’s a bargain too, especially with the 15% off at the moment.


How’s that for timing!

I’ve just grabbed the Potion Pack. Looks like it’s just what I’m looking for. I’m going to test drive it and see how I get on. I’d be interested in your experiences along the way.


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WOW! that’s quite a nice pack. great job @Elixir Adam!

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The new Foundry Potion Pack is very impressive indeed. Makes the navigation options very powerful and easy to use. Check out the new Mega Menu Foundry stack for complex menu requirements.

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Hi Neil, How / where do you get the 15% off? Thanks

If you sign up for the Elixir Graphics newsletter, you get promotions like this emailed to you.

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Thanks Rob. Have done so now.

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I have both Foundry and Foundation and the two actually work well together. I had a site that I moved from Foundry to Foundation (because of navigation) and I used the Foundation menu with everything else Foundry and a couple of third party stacks. The site worked well :smile:. As time permitted, I moved everything over to Foundation, but had no issues when it was a “blended” site.