Amazon aStore not working

(Brad Miller) #1

I am using an Amazon aStore within an iFrame on my page at:
This iFrame contains this Amazon link:

If you click on the first link (my site) and try to navigate the book categories or nearly anything else, you will see it’s a bit wonky and the links are not all working correctly. On the other hand, if you use the second link (the direct aStore) the links seem to work perfectly.
How can I figure out where the conflict is?

Thanks a million,

(scott williams) #2

humm… Does amazon give you any other option to do this than an iframe?

iframes are shaky at best IMO. Most do not work well or at all on smaller devices.

This is just a guess, I’m not sure what is going on but if you right click a link and open it in a new tab it works.
This leads me to believe its a DOM thing. or there isn’t room in the iframe or something similar.

(Brad Miller) #3

This makes sense. I would love an option OTHER than an iFrame (for example to add individual Amazon items to a grid), but i’m just not sure what the best way to approach this is.

(scott williams) #4

I’ve never used an amazon store, thats why I was asking if they had other options to get it on your site maybe a javascript widget or something, I don’t have one so I have no idea but seems to me like a co like Amazon would have a solution other than just an old school iframe.

(Peter Danckwerts) #5

Amazon has discontinued aStores, although the old ones are still supposed to work. It’s a bit of a pain.

(Brad Miller) #6

@peterdanckwerts, do you know what people are using instead?

(Peter Danckwerts) #7

No. Personally, I just use affiliate text links attached to buttons or occasionally I use Amazon widgets. It takes a lot longer than creating an aStore.

(Tim) #8

Hi Brad,
I’m setting up a new Amazon affiliate page on my teacher resources website, so I’ve ended up on your post. I realise it’s an old post but still useful :slight_smile:
There have been some relatively recent changes to Amazon affiliate ads, possibly most useful being Amazon’s preference for Native Shopping ads which are all nice and responsive. Mobile users cannot currently tap your book thumbnails to open the links, for example.
I’ve chosen to list mine on the page above as I have quite of lot of recommendations, plus I found in my case direct links often went out of date so went for search based instead. I’m not 100% sure my affiliate page loads correctly every time… probably due to too many instances of the ads. Hopefully I’ll resolve that soon.
Thank you

(Brad Miller) #9

As an update, I have rebuilt my Recommended Books page from scratch. This is the page on my site where I previously used the Amazon aStore.
While it was more work to set up the page the way I did, I am very pleased with the results and I have infinitely more control over the content there. You can see it here:

Here is how I built it.
I used the Switcher stack from @stacks4stacks ( @willwood ) and set it up for tabs.
Each item in Switcher starts with a standard Stacks 1 Column stack (basically used as a container which makes items easy to duplicate.
Inside of the 1 Column stack is a 2 Column Foundation stack ( @joeworkman ) which contains an image in the left column and the text (with Amazon link) in the right column.
Below the 2 Column stack is a Lines stack from @joeworkman that helps to separate each item.

I’d love to know what you think.

(Tim) #10

Yes I had a look before hand. Just wondered if you’d thought of making the images active links, or using Native ads instead of URL links.
I did wonder what kind of site it was… “Helping you ride through life together”, then books on sex.

Probably just me


(Brad Miller) #11

I could make the images active links quite easily. In fact, I could make the entire panel for each book a link by attaching a URL to the 1 column container. I am considering that.
And yes, we do marriage counseling/coaching. But there is so much more to it than sex/books on sex. You have me thinking that I should sort that book under “T” as in Thirty-One, not numbers first. I don’t want people to get the wrong idea.