New iFrame content not working

(Brad Miller) #1

On my page at:
I used an iFrame to bring in the content from our scheduling service, Booker.
Here is the content being served in the iFrame:

I would like to use the newer version of Booker in my iframe, which is this:
But when I change the iFrame to redirect here, all I get is a blank page. It never seems to load.

Is there some possible conflict with the Sytten 2 these or some bit of code I could use to make this content work in an iFrame?

Thanks in advance, Brad


When I click on the direct link you provided the page doesn’t load either. If it doesn’t load when accessed directly it won’t open in an iframe.

(Rob Beattie) #3

The second link just worked for me. Maybe the site was down temporarily?


I was talking about the third link that starts with h**ps:// The page just continually tries to load… just retried it again.

(Brian LaPan) #5

I’m with JohnJ on that one. The page:

isn’t loading at all.

(Rob Beattie) #6

I miscounted. It was the third one I clicked. Works fine here on Chrome under Windows. And Safari under Yosemite.

(Elliot Jackson) #7

Hey Brad,

As JohnJ said, “If it doesn’t load when accessed directly it won’t open in an iframe”. The problem you’re having isn’t due to the Sytten 2 theme—it’s due to the service itself having problems. Tested on Chrome and Safari on El Capitan and both get stuck in the constant load too. I’d suggest getting in touch with Booker about the issue.

Hope that helps,
— Elliot