An issue I need help/advice with

I’ve a built a site using RW + RapidCart. The client loves it and Google has indexed it.

The problem is that Yandex (more popular in Russia) won’t index the site, and Yandex webmaster tools won’t even verify the site.

I’ve uploaded the verification file and added a meta tag. Only one type of verification is needed, but neither work.

I contacted Yandex and amazingly they replied within hours saying that their bot could see something on the site/page that wasn’t supposed to be there. They didn’t elaborate, although they said they could see the verification file.

I’ve added sites to Yandex Webmaster in the past without issues so I’m stumped as to what the problem could be.

Something happened that makes me think I’ve made a mistake somewhere on the site because I went to to check if compression was enabled and i get en error saying “unable to load url”.

I’m stumped! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Are you sure they’re not fishing?… Perhaps they want you to plant some sort of a trojan horse? You can never be too cautious when you deal with Russian businesses (they are all run or monitored by their government).

Hi @Rovertek,

Personally, I’m more concerned about what Google knows about me, and I think the Russians have bigger fish to fry.

However, you might be right. You can never be too careful.

Regarding Yandex, I have now twice received a response from them within hours of contacting them. I doubt I’d ever get any kind of response from Google.

So, today they replied and told me it’s a server issue and the host needs to sort it out, which is a relief because I thought there was some error on the site itself.

If they are fishing, my client’s site isn’t a very good catch :wink:.


Well, good to know that it was just their server issue…