Rapidcart pro help?

Hi Folks,

You’ve been wonderful at helping me on other things so I’d like to thank you first and then ask another favour?

I’m building a site for “she who must be obeyed” at home. Got most of it how she’d like it, and now have to get Rapidcart pro running with PayPal integration.

I have the app I’d from PayPal, and even got my database working on the hosting site. But the cart is not behaving. Anyone out there willing to help a photographer redeem himself in his wife’s eye?

The beta site is:

Simply click on the shop and you will see that when you trying to buy something it doesn’t work!

Help, guidance, a shoulder to cry on gratefully received!

Hi @SimonPalmer,
In RapidWeaver Project Settings you have set https://www.thehorsephysio.co.uk (on HTTPS) as Web Address but you don’t have a valid SSL certificate.
Please set it to http://www.thehorsephysio.co.uk and republish your website.
It will fix the problem.

Thats great. It all works aside from when you get to the PAYPAL option. Clicking on the selection for PAYPAL doesn’t do anything. Try to do a purchase and you’ll see what I mean.

Everything else works fine, Thanks Rob,

I had the same problem. Make sure that you have the correct URL in both the General settings and the Publishing settings. They must be the same. I had a problem when one had www, and the other did not. Once I fixed that everything worked. You might want to do a complete republish once you have changed the settings, if indeed they are incorrect.

Terry Vosbein

Hi Terry,

Does this refer to the complete failure of Rapidcart (which is resolved through Rob’s comments - Thanks Rob), or are you talking about the inactive paypal button?

I suspect the issue lies within the setup of my paypal api. Something I have never done before as the old RapidCart used just the ID. The new version has a better level of integration which I can understand, but might have failed to get right.

I don’t know anything about the complete failure of Rapidcart. It works perfectly for me. I was just mentioning something that eluded me, and caused RapidCart to not work until I changed the settings with the help of their support staff.

Terry Vosbein

Hi Terry,

It all seems to work fine now, just having a problem with the paypal set-up, which I have asked the developers about at Rapidcart. I found something on the error message on Paypal’s website, but I’m unclear where the problem is.
Thanks again for your help.