Anchor ID being stripped

I posted this on another board thinking it was one of the stack upgrade stripping anchor ID when referred to a RW page with anchor in URL link

Someone there mentioned that he was getting report of this bug from other user after the RW 8.1.5 upgrade so I came to post here

If you click on this link which goes to one of my RW page, you will notice the anchor ID “da8” get stripped.

Can anyone advise if it something I did wrong or a bug?

Thank you

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IMHO this has not anything to do with RW Core.

Either it’s your PHP code which is removing the anchor, or a htacess setting.

I have not done anything to the php code or the htaccess setting.

Check this thread out on Weaver Space …

I definitely think there’s been a bug introduced with “links”.
I’m not at a Mac now so I can’t confirm this, but I think it’s related to this post from Joe (@joemart1951):

There is a difference between:

a) Wrong links / anchor tags in the HTML markup

b) A change of the URL / hash value

The component which seems in charge of b) is com_bigwhiteduck_stacks_magicgellan_s3_stack

The JavaScript on the page doing this:


Of course, what’s seems possible is that if a) is wrong, the component in support of reacting to the hash b) isn’t working.

Correct this is a different issue than the one that @teefers linked to above. My answer on WS was the right answer on the wrong thread.

@TechBill Just got back to my computer and looked at the stack, it is just a setting that needs to be changed. You just need to turn off the smooth scroll from URL hash feature (and yes I’ve noticed the typo in it!)


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