Link to websites isn't working

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All of a sudden my link button doesn’t seem to be working. I’m trying to add links to various urls and they won’t link. I’ve been using Rapidweaver for a long time now and have never had a problem. HELP!!


(Doug Bennett) #2

You’re going to have to give a bit more information:

  • a URL to a page
  • what type of page
  • some screenshots of how you’re linking

(Lisa) #3

Thanks for replying so quickly. With no rhyme or reason, it started working again. As I said, I’ve using RW for years and have used the link hundreds of times and haven’t done anything differently. So have no idea what it was about. Just a glitch, I guess.

(Joe Martin) #4

I am sort of having a similar issue…but only on offsite pages…the link works…but if I check the open in new window box…it does not open in a new window. When I look at the code…it generates rel="" instead of rel=“external”
Thanks so much for your help…
RW 8.0.3
Foundation page

(Doug Bennett) #5

I just checked and it’s doing the same in the latest 8.1(20560b) Beta as well.

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