Animated GIF as an Alternative?

(Butternut Squash) #1

In an earlier post, it was pointed out to me (much to my dismay) that IOS prohibits auto-play video.

I am wondering if an animated gif falls into that same prohibited category, or will it play all by itself?

(Robert Ziebol ๐Ÿ––๐Ÿผ) #2

Try it out, here is a classic animated gif, go to the URL on your iOS device

Answer - Works on my iPhone 6

(Butternut Squash) #3

It does indeed work, Zeebe. Thank you.

So the next burning question is: after all is said and done, what is the best way of getting an animated GIF onto a Foundation website?


Simply add it as an image I imagine and it will be uploaded to the server. I suppose you could try warehousing if that didnโ€™t work for any reason but I canโ€™t see this being any different to a Jpeg or any other graphic file as far as Foundation is concerned.

(Butternut Squash) #5

Turns out my little GIF experiment was an abject failure, but thank you, anyway, for the information.