I have a animated .gif and it is not animating!

any ideas why it is not? I verified directly on web browser and it animates there.

thanks, Mike

Can you give us a link?

sure Rob, thanks. http://pics.derr.ws/1.gif

I place it in RapidWeaver and it doe snot animate on site. Thanks, Mike

How are you adding it? It will not animate in an image stack, try putting it in a Styled Text stack or Styled Text page, it should animate there.

ok hummm, then the link to it? I was hoping to use more animated gifs, so ideally a nice free Stack element that i could drop the gif on in RapidWeaver. :slight_smile: I trying stylized text now and past link I assume? thank you. Mike

Zeebe, 2 problems not sure why I tried. here is site: http://www.thatsoft.com/

  1. no .ico file displaying. I made 16x16 px windows icon file and it is placed in that box.
  2. why does page show all white on my iPhone 6?

sorry me still very newbie at this, but starting to like it some, I like stacks, and ease to make there.

  1. Where can I get more free elements to add to my stacks element popup list? like ideally a nice clean simple free carousel?