Is there a Slideshow for GIF files?

Hi All there are plenty of Slideshows for JPG’s and JPEG’s but if i put an animated GIF file into any of them they stay completely still which is really boring :slightly_smiling:

Any ideas please ?.

PS i have seen mention of this here :- [quote=“instacks, post:3, topic:4022, full:true”]
Just put an animated gif in a Stacks 3 image control, and you are done.

but i havent a clue what that means ?


You do not need a slideshow for GIF files, because a GIF file can be a slideshow himself.
Create an animated GIF and use it like an image in Rapidweaver.
I have integrated animated GIFs as banner images.

@Oscar thanks for your prompt response, I thought i could put about 12 small Gif’s in say a 4 by 4 grid, each gif is about 1mb and i would only want each one to animate in turn, say when clicked on.

I am sure RW came with a bog standard image stack originally, but i cant it find now in RW6 and Stacks3.

I have a responsive 4 column stack to make the 4 the 4 by 4 grid

If you can give me any other ideas i would be very grateful.


Tim, in the stacks 3 library, just search for image.

12 GIF images, each 1MB in size might prove problematic. I can foresee some iPhone and Android devices might encounter problems displaying that much animation. In the old days of dial-up internet, 12MB would be an all-night affair! It probably still is with some UK broadband suppliers…

I think you really want something that is going to lazy load the images - which means they only download and display individually when specifically requested. The only stack I have which can achieve this is the TopBox stack. But if you search Marten’s website, he might have a few more suggestions for you.

It would probably be wise to display a thumbnail grid of your 12 GIFs, but use resized JPG images for the gird. That way you are assured the page will load quickly for everyone. People can click on a static thumbnail image, and then you could have the GIF open inside a lightbox and load on demand. Most lightbox effects provide next and previous buttons, so it would be possible for people to navigate through your GIF collection with ease.

Thanks @instacks sorry i can find a lot of image stacks in my library, but not a standard RW version, not to worry though LOL, below or will it be above ?, will woodgate has got the solution :+1:


@willwood thankyou so much will, that is the perfect solution for me, i cant believe i didnt think of that myself :sunglasses:

Ps Will i was going to make the site not suitable for phones :innocent:


Like Will Woodgate, so I had it solved too, because animated GIFs are not clickable, they are playing automatically.

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@Oscar yay thanks also for your input Oscar, there is usually more than one way of doing most things, but only one way of animating GIF’s, thanks


Hi all, i have just remembered that i did exactly the same thing (that Will suggested) with these GIF’s quite a while ago, where the visitor (if ever there was any ?) clicked on a jpg and the file opened and Animated, I also remember that the actual GIF files had to be uploaded to there correct position via FTP as i found Publishing the GIF files via RW they simply got converted to JPG’s .


@instacks what a plonker i am buddy, i have NOW found that Built In IMAGE stack you were speaking of, and it was in the Library just as you said it was :slightly_smiling:
But i wasnt looking in the right place, i have just clicked on the Big Star icon in Library and of course this is the “Built In” section and image was listed under Your Head !!.
Thanks for giving me a push.


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