Animated Gif: How do I get it into RW6?

(Andrew Tyzack) #1


I’m currently adapting a friends website to RW6. His landing page has an animated gif:

How would I go about getting it into RW6?


(Oscar Schmid) #2

Put it in the content like another picture. There is no difference.
Look here in RapidWeaver. It’s only shown in the preview.

Here in the resources, then in the banner.

(Andrew Tyzack) #3

ok thanks. But how do I pull the gif/code/whatever over to RW?

(Oscar Schmid) #4

Drag and drop your GIF file into the content. Why code?

(Andrew Tyzack) #5

Thanks for the advice but I’m not getting this. I’m using Blank Theme 2.1 and I don’t know what you mean by content? I’ve tried dragging the Gif over, but no success.

(Andrew Tyzack) #6

I should add that my friends website is the only source that I have for this, am I supposed to be dragging it over from there?

(Oscar Schmid) #7

Can you give a web address to the website and gif of your friend?

(Andrew Tyzack) #8

Here it is, thanks:

(Oscar Schmid) #9

Ah, you have given the address in the start posting. Excuse :wink:
I have seen this gif.

You can drag and drop the gif from the website (or from here) to the desktop. Now it’s easy to drag and drop this gif in the RapidWeaver Edit mode, into the Content of your site. It works in a styled text page, also in a text stack into a stacks page. No matter which theme.

(Andrew Tyzack) #10

Thanks Oscar, that works in the Styled Text page as you said, but having trouble getting it to work in the home page - briefly works for a moment then just a blue question mark.

(Oscar Schmid) #11

Which type of page are you using in the Homepage? Is this in RapidWeavers preview or on the internet?
With me, the Blank Theme 2.1 works fine.

(Andrew Tyzack) #12

Hi Oscar, just the homepage that RW6 automatically provides.

(Andrew Tyzack) #13

Actually the Gid doesn’t work at all on the home page. What I’ve done is ‘link’ to the styled text page via content in the Block inspector. And there’s the answer it’s a Block page…

(Oscar Schmid) #14

I don’t really understand what you mean! Why “link” to the homepage?

But, when your homepage is a Blocks page, it works only, when you put the Gif in a text area, not drag and drop in the page. Otherwise blocks will create a image area and this does not work.

Look here!

(Andrew Tyzack) #15

Thanks again for your patience - sorry don’t know the jargon, I put the Gif in a Styled Text page, then via the homepage open a page ‘window’ and selected the styled text page, Gif appears on the homepage - since then I’ve dragged the Gif into the ‘Recources’ and have done the same as above but selected the Gif directly.

Anyway, that still may not make sense but have found that previewing in Safari the Gif works fine but not in the RW preview?

(Andrew Tyzack) #16

I’ve published the page with a temporary URL: As you can see the Gif working fine but still not in RW preview…

(Oscar Schmid) #17

Strange. For me, the preview works in RapidWeaver.
Nice that it works for you now, on the net :wink:

Look here, on my test homepage. Above using Drag & Drop, bottom via resources, with this code.
<img src="%resource(rocker_ani.gif)%" class="myImgClass "/>

Apologies, my English is not good enough to understand everything right. I am Swiss German.

(Isaiah Carew) #18

There are a couple things that I think are relevant here:

  1. If the original image is too wide or too tall RW will reduce its size (by default – the setting can be changed in some version of RW).

  2. When RW changes the size of a gif you will lose the animation.

So it could be that the image you’ve dropped into RW is a bit too tall/wide and RW is reducing it. I’m not 100% certain this is the problem, but there’s an easy solution that’s easy to try – so worth a minute to test.

To resolve this, you can open the Preferences (from the RapidWeaver menu) and the first option under the first tab (General) is: Automatically resize larger images

Uncheck this (perhaps just for this image) and drop in your image again.

Side note: Stacks 3 supports animated gifs now too. (had to sneak that in there – sorry!)