Animated Gif in Stacks - how to?

How do make a Gif animate in Stacks? I’m making a Stacks version of a friend’s site and they have an animation on the landing page:
I managed to get this to work in Blocks - but now need it in Stacks.



You could put a static image inside the Animagic stack from Elixir ( and choose the Swing setting. There’s no repeat on this option though so it would only swing once from side to side.

Personally that wouldn’t bother me. The existing animation is fun for about two seconds and then just makes me want to click away. :sunglasses:


Just put an animated gif in a Stacks 3 image control, and you are done.

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How wonderful! I didn’t know anyone was engraving mezzotints these day.

I’m in agreement with Rob - stop that damn thing swinging quickly - its very annoying! Or at least slow it right down.