Animagic Stack / Endeavor Theme Problem

Has anyone been able to implement @Elixir’s Animagic Stack into Michael David’s Endeavor Theme?
It seems that the offset details are not being picked up and the stack is animating before that area of the page has been scrolled to.
Any clues?

I am using both at present and it seems to be fine. Most of mine are higher up but I have just entered a load of text with the animated stack at the bottom and the animation kicks in when i scroll down. I’ll keep messing with it and let you know if I get any failures. - It only happens first time - in preview you have to switch to another page and back again to activate.

Maybe I’m just not understanding the Animagic settings.
I had the Offset amount set to 1px thinking that it would trigger when scrolled right to the bottom of the page.
Knowing that you’ve got it working, so it must be something to do with me, I’ve fiddled with the Offset amount and anything above 500px seems to work, but lower than 500px and it triggers before I’ve scrolled down.