Announcing HoverBox 4

HoverBox actually started out life as a RapidWeaver code snippet many years ago; which means you could almost claim this stack predates the Stacks plugin itself! Now in stack format, HoverBox remains more popular than ever before, for creating attractive mouseover effects. Ironically the rapid growth in touch-based devices (which are without support for mouseover gestures) makes HoverBox even more relevant in modern websites.

I took the opportunely over Christmas to completely rewrite HoverBox. All the old code that previously kept IE7 and less limping along is gone. Emphasis has instead swung round towards doing more with CSS animations and responsive layout. The new HoverBox stack has more features than its predecessor, a much smaller codebase and gorgeous (pure CSS) 2D animation effects; that will work just about anywhere.

What about touch screens? Well, you now have a set of dedicated options in HoverBox to take full control of how you want touch devices to handle your HoverBox stacks. You can permanently have the static or hovered layer shown or show both layers next to each. You need not worry anymore about people on touch devices being unable to interact with your HoverBox stacks or click links etc.

HoverBox 4 is a completely free update for all existing users. Owing to the major changes that have happened, it is not being distributed as an automatic update. Instead this stack can be manually downloaded and installed safely alongside older versions of the HoverBox stack you may have installed. HoverBox 4 is handled as a new stack and will not overwrite or undo any of your previous HoverBox configurations. We will still be supporting HoverBox 3 well into the foreseeable future. If you purchased HoverBox after 1st August 2015, you can login to your Paddle Locker to get the update. If you purchased HoverBox before then, simply send a quick email with some form of proof of purchase attached, and we’ll then issue you with a 100% coupon code to obtain the latest version from the website.

If you are new to HoverBox, I recommend you take a look at the examples published on the Stacks4Stacks website, read the documentation and try the free downloadable demo version. HoverBox remains simple to use and really excels at what it was designed to do. This is very much an example of a stack you can buy once and use hundreds or thousands of times in all your projects.

HoverBox 4 is compatible with both Stacks 2 and Stacks 3.