Announcing StackSlider 4

Probably one of the most customisable, flexible and sophisticated slider stacks available. The aptly-named StackSlider is easily dragged and dropped into a Stacks page. Stacks nested inside StackSlider are cycled either manually or automatically. Slides can be presented individually or in the form of a carousel; and you can have the slider running horizontally, vertically or via simple fade transitions. Individual slides can comprise of rich text, HTML code, Markdown, static images or even basic embedded video.

Novice users will have no difficulty getting a basic slider working within a matter of minutes; whereas expert designers and developers can leverage the full power of StackSlider to build immersive sliders. As you would expect, StackSlider is compatible with most RapidWeaver themes, is fully responsive, and works across all major web browsers and devices. Watch the video, see the live examples and download the free demo version here.

Existing user of StackSlider?
StackSlider 4 is a free update for all existing users. To request this update, please get in contact with proof of purchase. StackSlider 4 is a significant update over previous versions, and therefore we are providing you the opportunity to manually download and install the update. StackSlider 4 will install itself alongside older versions. Stacks previously placed in older versions of StackSlider can be dragged and dropped into this newer version.

Should you have any questions about StackSlider, please contact me.

This is a great update and having dug out my original invoice to get the update I see that I first purchased the forerunner to this stack nearly 5 years ago!

It’s fantastic that I’m still getting FOC updates when you consider how much more there is in this stack now.



@mark Many thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you’re pleased with the updated stack! :grinning: