What is your Go To Slider stack?

Hello all,

With the dizzying array of stacks available I’m trying to simplify my workflow by acquiring a selection of stacks that will allow me to complete almost any website design project. So I am trying to identify the most suitable option in each stack category and I’m looking for a slider stack now.

While reading the blurb on a developer’s page is informative, I find that feedback from users is the most useful to me. So, do you have a favourite slider stack that you use in on a regular basis because it is so good? I’d love to hear what it is and why it is your favourite.


I’ve got 8 sliders and only use 2:

Free (so you might as well get it anyway) but also surprisingly useful.

Pricey (25USD) but very versatile and covers most bases. Has a great mode where you can use two instances with which one will hold thumbnails and sync to the main slider.

Thanks for the headsup about tre Freestyle stack, I’ll check it out.

Moving Box was on my list, looks pretty good.

Thanks for the useful feedback!

I’d second the Freestyle 2 recommendation and add one or two others.

  1. Orbit from Elixir Graphics. Touch friendly and very versatile
  2. Impact from Joe Workman - super-smooth with animated captions
  3. Refined Slider2 from Stacks 4 Stacks has some really unusual transitions

and oddly enough, Stellar Stacks Slider stack because it’s so easy and so cheap!


Great stuff, thanks for weighing in Rob!

Self promo, gonna recommend my SuperFlex 3 stack.

Carousel Thumbnails :heavy_check_mark:
Extensive Carousel Style Control :heavy_check_mark:
Remote folder slideshow generation :heavy_check_mark:
Slide Anything, Google Maps, Video, any Stack, etc… :heavy_check_mark:
Full caption style control :heavy_check_mark:
Make Dedicated “Hero” style slides :heavy_check_mark:
Touch friendy :heavy_check_mark:

Check out the SuperFlex 3 demo here.

This is only noting a few features. SuperFlex is $39, so yes, it’s the highest price option. But if you’re your solely looking for the most flexible and powerful feature set, SuperFlex is surely worth a look. I’ve also been working with Joe Workman on Total CMS image integration, that will be an added feature in the future. Hope this answer helps!


Thanks Nic, that looks pretty cool!


The thing about Freestyle is that it offers so many formats for banners beyond just a slider. Certainly worth looking at the demo.
The other good thing is that the product will get you connected to Stacks4Stacks and Will Woodgate, IMHO one of RWs best add on developers.

Thanks for your inputs, Phloque, will definitely check it out.

Thanks for all the feedback on sidebars. Seems like there’s no compelling reason to have something formatted as a sidebar per se. I still like a “sidebar” for things like having contact info, newsletter signups and so on in the same place for users on every page.
So two responsive columns (keeping in mind size issues for mobiles) looks like the way to go for me.
All the best

Sorry, replied to wrong post

I have bought several sliders over the years and even iframe in some from Hype 3 and others.
I now want to say I use Nicks Superflex 3 for ease of use and overall power. I love the Idea I can throw any stack I want into it . absolutely the best one I have found.

:thumbsup: Glad to hear that Scott

Sorry to resurrect an old thread… what’s the difference between Cycler and Moving Box? Both are from Joe Workman. I guess I don’t need all the bells and whistles, so long as I can throw any stack into it so they cheaper one might do. Also if it responds to swipes on a touch devices that’s even better.

I tried the Freestyle one but I’m already using that stack for my header image. When I add a section instance of Freestyle, the slider doesn’t show up (the area it should be in is just blank). Is this not possible to do?

Actually a lot. MovingBox is a more modern slider, can slide in many different ways (see examples here - https://preview.joeworkman.net/movingbox/). MovingBox has a much more advanced linking and navigation system that Cycler.

Cycle will do all you ask for, even swiping on mobile.

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Thanks zebee. If I can’t get Freestyle to work then I’m leaning towards Cycler. Freestyle isn’t working for me when the stack (using the BX Slider Template) is below another instance of the stack (using static image). I’m in contact with Will Woodgate on that.

I’d like to avoid another purchase if possible. I already have to purchase 2 stacks for this project and then the customer suddenly decided they wanted a slider. My current slider stack (revolution by Elixir) isn’t responsive.