New stack......Splider

Hi all,

Hope you are well in these peculiar times!!

I have a great new stack to share with you. It’s called Splider and it is a fantastically flexible, lightweight and powerful slider stack.


Of course we all have a slider stack in our collections but I am guessing you don’t have one quite like this one. Splider weighs in at less than 30KB in size and it can do all of this:

  • 3 modes (slider, carousel and fade)
  • 3 directions (left to right, right to left, top to bottom)
  • Ability to reveal a part of the next and/or previous slide
  • Slide by one or by many
  • Different settings for up to 3 device sizes
  • Lazy load image slides
  • And much more!!

We have big future plans for this stack too (see our roadmap)!

Check out the demo page.

There is a special launch price available now too (30% off of what will be the regular price).

Any questions just ask.



Hi all - a huge update to Splider was just pushed out. Here’s what’s new in v1.1:

  • Video child stack. You can now add Youtube, Vimeo or self-hosted videos as slides.
  • Video options. Autoplay, mute, loop etc
  • Styling options. You can now style the background, border and opacity of inactive and active slides!
  • Height ratio. New option to set the height / shape of slides by using an aspect ratio. This is especially useful if building a video or image slider. Also useful for ‘top to bottom’ slides.
  • Cover mode. Option to set any Splider Image slide stacks to ‘cover’ the available space. A great option to use in conjunction with the height ratio option for image slide shows.
  • Image child stack. Made the lazy load image stack a more general image stack

The Splider web page has been updated with more examples and I have refreshed the example project too.

If you have not got Splider yet then the launch discount is good for a few more days yet (until Fri 15th)!




Is the Splider stack working under Foundry2?


Hi @Balmidor - yes of course. It works in any framework just fine :slight_smile:

(a small update is going out later today that fixes a styling issue with the arrows in some frameworks)

EDIT: v1.1.2 out now that addresses the styling issue. And while I’m here, in case you missed the v1.1.1 release:

  • Option to not reset progress when pause on hover ends (in autoplay mode)
  • Option to control alignment of slide content
  • Splide slides now reflect styling options in edit mode

The option to control alignment of slide content takes away a lot of the need to drop in third-party container stacks to hold your slide content. I have updated the demo project making use of this.

Also in this version is…

Support for Poster 2 stack

Fancy displaying your blog items in a slider format? Well now you can!! Check it out: Demo 1 | Demo 2

For this to work you’ll also need to update Poster 2 to v2.2.0 from @instacks !

There’s an example of the Poster integration in the demo project file now too!


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@habitualshaker - thanks for your quick feedback. I’m looking since some time for a stack solution, which will allow me to show images or content in a slider way with some options…I’m checking some more details, but most probably will buy your stack this week, since looks like the stack is offering what I was looking for…Rgds, Boris


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