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I’m looking to add testimonials to my site, and want them in an auto-sliding carousel. I have several slider stacks, but I have the following requirements:

  1. Each testimonial is static width, but the slider is responsive in HOW MANY testimonials it displays. So we have a row with 5 testimonials side-by-side at full width, and only 1 testimonial at min width.
  2. Ideally the slider would advance only 1 testimonial at a time, so initially I have testimonials 1-5 visible, then at the auto slide I have 2-6, then 3-7, etc.

I can do text or images, and have a couple of responsive grid stacks, but the grids respond to browser with by trading columns for rows, and I only ever want a single row.

Hopefully there is a stack with the features I want built in, but it’s hard to tell from just reading the descriptions of the many many slider/carousel stacks out there. If anyone knows of a stack that can do what I want, I would be appreciative. Thanks, Gregory

I don’t know if this does everything you want, but it has a free demo and a video tutorial link.

The Carousel option I think is what you are looking for:

Also very nice is Splider: Splider | Shaking the Habitual

Thanks teeters and thinkfilm for the replies. So, apparently I’m stupid, because I already own StackSlider, but just assumed it couldn’t do what I wanted. Wrong. I watched Will’s video, and I just need to set to Carousel and change distance to 1. Done. Splider is one I looked at, and it looks impressive. I was hoping to avoid the cost, which I did, already owning StackSlider as I do, but yeah, that’s one slick stack. Thanks again!

You might try Splider

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I used Horizon on the F6 homepage. I think that it works well. https://www.foundationstacks.com/

Almost all of my slider stacks allow you to add any stacks content that you may want into them. So you could definitely Italy use them for testimonials. MovingBox is probably my most popular but Cycler and Tabulous are close.

MovingBox can do the carousel like you want. It can even Style the central one differently so that it stands out.

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