Announcing SuperBox 4

A clever method for displaying a smaller collection of photographs, in instances where features like lightbox support and captions aren’t required. SuperBox presents your images as a tightly-knit responsive grid. Clicking an image slides-open a panel to reveal a larger version. Buttons are provided to navigate backwards and forwards though the gallery. Think of it as a similar Google Image search interface, but for your own website!

SuperBox remains our easiest image gallery solution to use with RapidWeaver. Perfect for novice RapidWeaver users experimenting with Stacks and galleries for the first time. But importantly it still has a decent selection of customizable options and support for vital features like warehoused images. You can safely use multiple SuperBox stacks on the same webpage; which is useful for creating galleries for individual events, products or portfolios.

Changes in this FREE update include the following:

  • Cleaner, faster, smarter user interface utilising ‘sub-stacks’ in Stacks 3
  • Removed the option to ‘hide in edit mode’, as this is a setting Stacks now has built-in
  • Fixed a Javascript bug, whereby next / previous buttons were not shown if you clicked the final thumbnail in a row first
  • All color settings now support RGBa / opacity sliders in the Mac OS color palette
  • The thumbnail mouseover transition is now slightly animated with a fade effect
  • You can now apply spacing (padding) around the thumbnails and full-sized image panel
  • New input box to accept image ALT attributes; for improved SEO and accessibility
  • Fixed some bugs in Foundation, relating to CSS box-sizing properties
  • Navigation buttons have been increased from 30px to 45px, to conform with touch screen usability recommendations
  • Tidied and optimized the underlying CSS code
  • Navigation buttons no longer have dotted border outlines in Firefox, when they are clicked
  • In print and PDF output, we now collapse the thumbnail grid and render images at their native size
  • New icon set

This update is free for all existing users. A manual update is required - this stack update will not show in Stacks. We’ve done this on purpose so that you can install SuperBox 4 alongside older versions of SuperBox and gradually migrate your images over into the new editing interface and configure options like the image ALT attributes - which are new in this update. SuperBox 4 is obtainable from your Paddle Locker or by getting in contact with a copy of your receipt.

SuperBox 4 remains the same price as before ($9.95 USD). If you are new to the SuperBox stack, please play with the example on the product page and download the free demo version to test.


Is a nice looking stack @willwood - I looked at the sample on the product page but wasn’t able to download the demo to try it myself - it returned " This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it…"