Introducing SwipeGallery for Stacks 3

SwipeGallery replaces the former Viewr stack by StackManiac. This new stack will let you effortlessly create a responsive grid of thumbnail images; sourced locally or from a warehouse location. Clicking or tapping a thumbnail image reveals it fullscreen, within a responsive lightbox. As the name suggests, users on touch-based devices (like smartphones and tablets) can swipe through your gallery of images. In edit mode, images can be dragged and arranged into any order. SwipeGallery is extremely easy to setup and contains lots of useful style and colour settings.

The thumbnail grid:

The lightbox gallery:

NOTE: SwipeGallery is compatible with RapidWeaver 6 and Stacks 3 only.

A live example, video tutorial, documentation and a free demo version to download is available here:

Previous owners of the StackManiac Viewr stack are entitled to a free update, by getting in contact.


That looks really good.

I am using this gallery and it is great. It would add to the images frame or shadow mask? If you go to add those features I’ll be happy. It goes through the Inspector / CSS, but it’s complicated.

Hi Martin, If you can email me the CSS code you are using currently and details of the sort or frame or shadow you want to apply around each thumbnail image, I can look at getting this added to the stack as part of a free update. For example, whether the shadow should change colour or opacity on mouseover.

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Hi Will, I use this CSS. # The name varies according to the gallery.