New WeaverPix theme - PhotoBox

PhotoBox is a powerful and smart WeaverPix theme which simultaneously combines a clickable thumbnail grid with a lightbox and carousel navigation. This theme is perfect for any job where you want to display your images fullscreen; while at the same time giving your website visitors the ability to quickly click or swipe their way through your image set. PhotoBox combines several opensource plugins and some clever underlying source code to deliver one of the most beautiful image layouts available for RapidWeaver.

PhotoBox starts by generating a fully-responsive and optimised thumbnail grid (pictured above). The grid is simple in structure and can optionally display both image titles and rich text caption content. Upon clicking a thumbnail image, the lightbox opens to reveal the full size image. The scroll wheel on your mouse lets you zoom in or out of the image (if enabled in the theme options). Clicking a navigation button, a thumbnail image or swiping the screen horizontally (on your touch device) elegantly advances you to the previous or next image. Or if you choose to, the lightbox can be configured to run as a slideshow. Various style and colour settings are built into the PhotoBox theme, so you can “make it look your own”.

Much the same as other WeaverPix themes, PhotoBox can use images you have dragged and dropped into your WeaverPix page. Alternatively it can source images from online services like Flickr, Picasa, 500px Dribbble or a WeaverPix warehouse. PhotoBox is compatible with most RapidWeaver themes. We’ve engineered PhotoBox with clean HTML5 markup and silky-smooth hardware accelerated CSS animations. You’ll find PhotoBox easy to work with and your website visitors will love the immersive galleries you can build with it. Aspects of the thumbnail grid and lightbox can be further customised with custom CSS code.

For more information (including a link to download a free demo version and view a live example) please click here.
PhotoBox requires WeaverPix 3.0