Announcing the BluePrint stacks

(Andrew Tavernor) #1

BluePrint comprises 3 stacks:

BluePrint ONE is a super responsive 1 col with a ton of useful features…

BluePrint SideBar is the 2 column stack you always wanted. So much more than just a sidebar, it is the most adaptable 2 col there is.

BluePrint SVG is a bit of a bonus stack that I use everywhere.

See the demo:

(watch the tutorial videos on the demo site)

Get the stacks for free:

BluePrint works in any theme.

(scott williams) #2

I think you should have a “Suggested Donation” amount Tav.

(Andrew Tavernor) #3

I simply leave it up to people to decide if they want to donate and if so how much.

Donations are always nice as they show appreciation but the stacks are free and I wouldn’t want to insinuate anything other than this with a suggested amount.

All support is also free and I would never want people to think that they had to donate in order to get help.

(scott williams) #4

On the otherside of the coin, some may feel they don’t want to insult you by donating to little… :thinking:

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #5

Thank you Andrew :smiley:

(Rob D) #6

Another great set of very useful layout stacks! I was looking recently for something like that. Thanks, Andrew. Downloaded, donated… :heart_eyes:

(Phil) #7

This stack is a really useful and IMHO a must for anyone using SVG.

(Gary) #8

Here’s a couple of useful resource for the BluePrinters:

1 Very elegant gradient creation tool to make those custom BluePrintONE backgrounds.

  1. Source of free SVG icons to use in BluePrintSVG

(Andrew Tavernor) #9

Don’t forget that the Background child stack (as used by BluePrint and Sections Box etc) allows you to paste in gradients from generator sites such as the one that @webdeer mentioned (there a quite a few other nice ones out there as well).

Just select Paste Gradient from generator as the background type.


(Gary) #10

Being able to paste a custom gradient into a background is a big big feature and the way it is implemented here is about as simple as it gets.

(Bill Fleming) #11

Where would I be without my BluePrint Sidebar, a very useful valuable stack and if you haven’t add it to your stack collection then what are you standing around for??? Head over to BWD page and download it :smiley:

Be sure to send a coffee or two donation over to @tav for this awesome stack so he can stay up all night developing more stacks for us :smiley: