Sliding Panel Stack

What stacks are available that will slide a panel from the sides or top and bottom?

I’ve found Glider and Slide panel but are there any others?


Also Defligra side panel

One little designer has a side menu stack, weaverskingdom has full menu stack, weavium has the fluid stack, big white duck may also have a stack(s)

Fluid looks very interesting - there is so much on that page didn’t see the slide menu - pricey though

Hi, the slide out menu used in the demo is built using the fluid stack.

Yes, i saw that, very impressive stack - but pricey stack - at the top of my list, just wondering if it’s worth $50

With the current discount its $30, still up there, but for all its able to do I think its worth it. I recently purchased it and have been looking on the demo files to see how all the effects/layout were developed, so there’s a little learning curve. Nice tool to have to add some eye candy to your site.

good call ! ! ! Didn’t see that at the bottom. Done deal - Sweet! This is a great day! Thanks-

(reason $50 seemed steep is, compared to what Rapidweaver cost, ($99) the price of one single stack has to be placed in perspective, imho, so does 1 stack provide all the benefits, or in this case 50% of the benefits of rapidweaver? Regardless, it looks very promising)

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I agree, but unfortunately this seems to be the trend. I’m not a developer, don’t know how much time/effort/support it takes to create a stack. The fluid stack comes with 2 project files, the one that has about 5 simple examples is the one I have been working on to see how things work. @weavium posted that he has some video tutorials / online tutorials in the works (hopefully soon :smile: ) which should help on how to fully grasp what these stacks can do.

yes, going through it now - somewhat unorthodox stack then what I’m use to - so trying to figure it out.

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Hi there,

If you have a specific layout you are trying to create with Fluid, post a link or screenshot. Of you have troubles I can help you out and teach you how it works. : )

Hi, im playing with the Fixed side menu example. It looks like its currently slides out to 300px wide. How do I make the slide out go 600px? I tried changing the value but then the side menu sticks out.

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@rolisize - select your first container and the max size needs to equal your left margin (the margin setting just below the max size)

@weavium - I’m noticing the Fluid stack has a few issues with mobile - will you do a tutorial that will include mobile settings?




Yes indeed. In this case you need to increase the Min-Size, Max-Size, and Left-Margin. You’ll notice that they are all set to -300px. If you set them all to -600px then the new size should work for you.

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Thanks for the reply! Curious, how would the margin settings be if you wanted the slide out to go 100% width. Trying to build something like this:

If i build a slide out menu using the Fluid stacks, can I drag/copy it to a layout using Foundation, UiKit, Platform stacks, etc. or do I have to build everything within the Fluid system?


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