What are your essential stacks/addons?

I was hoping that you could help me by answering 2 questions….

  • What are the must have stacks that you use on EVERY site?
  • What are the stacks that you really enjoy using when you need them?

These can be my stacks or stacks from other devs…. We will discuss on the live stream today!

P.S. Let’s keep the frameworks out of this particular discussion. I understand that your preference in framework is essential to most workflows.


1, Sharestack by Will Woodgate; because it lets visitors share the page to their social media feed
2. Montage 2 by Doobox - still the best way I’ve found to display pictures of different shapes and sizes in an elegant, incredibly neat way and then lightbox them
3. Defligra’s LineDeluxe free stack - just really useful to divide content up
4. BWD’s Header and Paragraph Pro (the most versatile header and text stacks I’ve found); plus Scribe when I want to be really lean
5. Blueprint from BWD because it’s such a versatile container
6. Marathia’s Smartcolumns stack (if I’m not using a framework) - incredibly easy to arrange columns across different device sizes
7. RWExtras (or maybe Stacks4Stacks) Table Builder - great for building manual tables
8. Microblog from S4S for a quick blog
9. OpenStreetMap from Instacks for maps because no-one wants to get into the whole Google credit card thing
10. The now defunct Slider from Stella Solutions - a lovely slow, rock solid fade between slides (I now use Doobox’ Vegas for this).

Well, you did ask…:sunglasses:


Thanks we talked about a few of these during the live stream today. I should have stopped by here before I ended the stream and looked for new responses.

Here is the live stream for anyone that wants to watch…

I know I’m too late but I’ll just go ahead and say that hands-down and by far the most important and useful stack I have is one that radomly locks up RW for 15 minutes and displays the message: “Time for your cup of coffee.” It’s called “Back to Sanity” stack. The creator has paused sales as he is currently out on coffee break.


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