Announcing the Indexer stack

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Changes in this new stack / stack update include the following…

  • Renamed the stack from RapidSearch Live to Indexer. Given it a new orange and white icon.

  • Totally rewritten the underlying codebase used to build your search index. The new ‘indexing engine’ is faster (by about 50%), more reliable on different hosting companies and has additional flexibility for searching custom elements in your webpages using PHP Simple HTML Parser.

  • More informative error and success messages that you can customise for yourself or clients.

  • As requested by a user, it is now feasible to customise the ‘user agent’ string that Indexer uses, when accessing a sitemap to build its index (like letting Indexer access a website protected with SiteLok).

  • It’s now possible to add search items manually to the database, like password-protected pages, blog articles, webpages from a sub-domain, video clips, audio tracks, or file downloads. A frequently requested feature. This lets you deviate from your normal sitemap and manually add items that would otherwise not be shown.

  • Greater ability to customise the stack with your own CSS code, thanks to the addition of more HTML selector names.

  • Several new style and colour settings. Number boxes typically let you use your own units of measurement (like rem, em, px, vw).

  • Given the admin console a little design overhaul, to make it a bit fresher in appearance.

  • Ability to hide the admin console, using a system of tracking cookies.

  • Hide or style individual search results, using special meta tags you add to your webpages.

  • Dozens of other changes and improvements, towards making setup easier and more reliable.

The good news is that Indexer is a completely free update for all RapidSearch Live customers. Simply login to your secure Paddle account and download Indexer. Install the stack in the normal way. Long term, you’ll want to swap instances of RapidSearch Live in your websites with Indexer. RapidSearch Live won’t be getting any further support or updates. A thumbs-up or review on the RapidWeaver Community Addons website would be much appreciated too.

For new users, there is a free trial version of Indexer to download from the Stacks4Stacks website, together with all the documentation you need for getting it setup. If you have any questions about using the stack, please get in touch via email or the Discord live chat.

(This video can be viewed larger on the YouTube website)


Great work.

Instant buy :slight_smile:



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