RapidSearch 6 Now Available

Hot on the heels of the RapidSearch Pro update and unveiling of the new RapidSearch Helper stack last week, today RapidSearch 6 has been released. Formally a Nimblehost stack, RapidSearch 6 is a major update; recommended for all existing users.

  • Repaired support for the searching of additional websites, other than your own
  • Support links now point to the correct pages on the RapidSearchPro.com website
  • Extensive restyling of the search form, to improve aesthetics and user accessibility (we now use CSS flexbox), as pictured below
  • Many, many style fixes for different themes and frameworks, including Bootstrap, Foundation and Foundry
  • More style and colour settings added
  • A new ‘anchor’ setting, to let you create a custom anchor point to scroll to, when a search is run
  • Placeholder text shown in the search form is now customisable and localisable
  • Reset some of the default colours
  • Tidied the CSS markup for the stack
  • All colour pickers now support RGBa opacity
  • A preview of the rendered search form is now shown in edit mode, for easier customisation
  • Disabled auto-complete and title tooltips on the search box form
  • Fixed all the HTML5 validation errors
  • All stack settings now have informational tooltips on mouseover
  • The search form is now excluded from print and PDF output
  • Reorganised some of the stack setting groups and renamed some settings for better clarity
  • Tabs are now correctly displayed in the search results, without the presence of scrollbars
  • The ‘powered by Google Custom Search’ badge is now aligned better in the search results
  • Improvements to the rendering of search results on mobile
  • New icon set
  • Deleted the surplus ‘scripts.js’ file
  • Adjustments to the display of information displayed in edit mode

Please note that RapidSearch now requires a minimum of RapidWeaver 6 and Stacks 3. This is provided as a free update, available via Stacks, your Paddle account or on request via email.

This search stack remains the oldest and most widely used search addon available for RapidWeaver. Its popularity stems from the fact that it’s incredibly easy to setup (no PHP or databases). Most users find the search results update within a couple of days, from when website changes occur. You can ‘pool’ search results from up-to 5 separate websites and run image searches.

Disclaimer: like before, Google will display adverts in your search results at random. You can associate these to an existing AdSense account (if you want a share of the advertising revenue) or pay Google to remove adverts / sponsored content from your results. This can all be configured remotely in your Google CSE account.

Please click here to learn more about RapidSearch. A free demo is provided for download and RapidSearch is available to buy for just $14.95 USD, including taxes.