RapidSearch Pro 2.5 released, plus a brand new search stack!

RapidSearch Pro Update

[RapidSearch Pro](https://rapidsearchpro.com/rapidsearchpro) 2.5.0 has been released today. Changes in this free maintenance update include the following:-
  • A major update to the underlying Slim framework for compatibility with web servers running PHP 7
  • Various changes to the documentation and information shown in edit mode
  • You can now toggle search box autocomplete on and off, in the stack settings
  • Fixed problems that were causing buggy display of the search box and search results in Foundation
  • The search bar can now be given a max-width and floated either left, centered or right
  • The admin area is now fully iOS and Android smartphone compatible [screenshot]
  • All colour pickers in the stack now support opacity
  • RapidSearchPro can once-again receive search queries from other pages and custom search boxes
  • Shortened some of the setting labels, to avoid truncation in the RW7 page inspector
  • All settings now have informational tooltips explaining what they do
  • Updated some of the support links, to point at the correct pages on the website
  • Fixed an HTML5 validation error, caused by the form ‘action’ attribute being empty
  • Added the option to toggle off the display of the ‘clear’ button within the search bar
  • URL query strings now support anchors, so you can jump to a specific search container on the page
  • Fixes for automatic updates
  • Various other minor adjustments and improvements to the stack

Important note: In this update I had to reverse some PHP code Jonathan had previously added for character encoding, so that the mb_detect_encoding function could play better with PHP 7. If you are building non-English websites that include extended character sets and you encounter any problems with trying to re-index your website, please get in contact (direct) with the details. There may still be some teething issues to resolve.

This free update is available via automatic updates in Stacks, from your Paddle account, or on request via email (please provide proof of purchase). After performing a full backup, install the stack and republish your website. RapidSearch Pro 2.5.0 will retain your settings and work the same as before, with the addition of the above changes.

New to the idea of the most powerful search plugin available for RapidWeaver? You will want to read more about RapidSearch Pro here and download the free demo version to test.

New stack - RapidSearch Helper

Our free, [RapidSearch Helper stack](https://rapidsearchpro.com/rapidsearchhelper) compliments the [RapidSearch](https://rapidsearchpro.com/rapidsearch), [RapidSearch Pro](https://rapidsearchpro.com/rapidsearchpro) and [SimpleSearch](https://stacks4stacks.com/simplesearch) stacks wonderfully well. By using this stack, you can create highly customisable search boxes and buttons to go on your website pages. These search boxes can be used to collect search terms from you website users and pass the keywords onto your search page for processing. RapidSearch Helper is super-simple to setup and provides you with a plentiful choice of different search box designs; designed and coded to modern standards.

To use RapidSearch Helper, simply add this stack to a Stacks page. In the stack settings, provide the link to your webpage hosting RapidSearch, RapidSearch Pro or SimpleSearch. Then choose a search box design you want to use and play around with all the settings. Zero code or complicated configuration is required, to accomplish the basics. Neither are any theme modifications needed. You will love using this free stack!

In instances where a conventional RapidWeaver theme (like the ones sold through ThemeFlood and seyDesign) is being used, you can optionally make the final navigation link in your toolbar a trigger for the search box. Clicking or tapping the link / icon reveals a beautiful popup; poised ready to accept search terms from the user. You can find demo of this working on the RapidSearchPro website (built with the Aptenon theme).

RapidSearch Helper is a free download. You can read more about it and view some sample search box designs on this webpage.


Thanks @willwood, brilliant update and looking forward to using it

Hello Rapidweavers,

I am an owner of version 2.2.0.
How I can get version 2.5.0?

Take a look here under update:

hmm thank you for this link hhhmmmmm ??? I do not understand what to do maybe that is to much English or can not see what to do? Is there a simple solution to update to version 2.5. ?

It looks like you need to log into your Paddle account and get it there. After which, it should update via Rapidweaver.

If you don’t have it in your paddle account, you can email Will with a proof of purchase and get a 100% discount coupon

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Hi Jason thank you that is what I read but I did not find RapidSearch Pro and now I am confused because I contacted Will before… So I will contact him again. Thank you … !!!

Please don’t post the same request on multiple old posts.
You just posted this:
Your best bet is to create a new post that gives complete details of the problem you’re having.
On the prior post, you stated you had it working but deleted the configuration file.
Without more details of what you are experiencing, like error message or directory listings, etc., etc., it’s difficult for someone to help.

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