SimpleSearch stack updated to version 2.0

A major update for the popular SimpleSearch stack. This free update includes the following changes:

  • Significantly faster and easier editing interface - less clicking required to edit search items
  • Regrouped and reorganised several settings to make things easier to find in stacks edit mode
  • All colour pickers now support opacity
  • New setting to adjust the font size of the search box icon
  • More colour pickers for search box borders, fills and icons
  • Added an ARIA ‘search’ role to the search form, to improve webpage accessibility
  • The search icon can now be floated either left or right, in the search box
  • Minor bug fix for Android
  • Numerous other minor changes to the SimpleSearch source code

Updating from version 1 to version 2
We strongly recommend you update to this newest version, because it includes some important changes that are required to maintain compatibility with future versions of Stacks 3 and RapidWeaver 7 going forward. Many people love using SimpleSearch and have used it in far larger projects than it was ever designed for! Therefore this latest version has some minor changes to the editing interface and some under-the-hood tweaks to make it work much faster in edit mode, when you have lots of searchable items.

SimpleSearch 2 will install itself alongside older versions, so you can place both stacks on the same webpage in edit mode and copy / paste existing content or data over into SimpleSearch 2. You can obtain SimpleSearch 2 right now from your Paddle Locker. SimpleSearch 2 now requires a minimum of RapidWeaver 6 and Stacks 3.1.0 or later.

New to SimpleSearch?
As the name suggests, this stack makes it super-easy to add simple website search capabilities to small or medium sized websites. No complicated PHP, ad-driven search engines or databases are required - with this search solution you become the search engine and build the searchable index yourself. See the product page for SimpleSearch and download the free demo version to try. SimpleSearch is exactly the same search plugin we use on the Stacks4Stacks website - it’s that good!