Annoyance and magic

RapidWeaver Version: *6.3.7
System Version: 10.9.5
Hardware: Mac Pro with 3.7GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5, 500 GB Apple SSD Storage, 16GB Memory.

Why is it that every time I try to export RW site to a folder on my computer, it tells me that the folder is not empty – even if I just created that folder prior to exporting? And after I click “Continue”, it asks me if I want to save the project, even if I just saved it before exporting?

This behavior is not unique to the latest version of RW. It keeps happening for at least last year or so…

And today, I got a totally new surprise. After exporting the site to the default export folder I saw in the Finder that the export folder was empty. So I went back and tried to export again, but in the RW’s export dialog I saw that the default export folder indeed contained the full exported site. I switched over to Finder again and the folder was empty. Then, I created a new folder within the default export folder and – magically – everything that was hidden became visible…(???)


Hi Rob

Don’t know about the folder not empty issue, have not experienced it unless the folder actually contains content.

About the save prompt… please remember that some plugins/stacks/themes have issues with updating the changed flag. I believe Realmac Software protects this by forcing a Project save on export or publish.

About your third issue, was the folder open at time of export, perhaps you could refresh the finder window as there may be something on your system that is preventing an update to the folder contents.

Perhaps issue 1 and 3 are related to the version of OSX, I have the latest version of OSX on my mac mini so am unable to test features on previous versions of OSX to provide a definitive answer other than the save issue.

Have you followed the FAQ here? Its the only FAQ I can find on Mavericks and RW 6.x.x…


Hi, Brad, I appreciate your reply and the link for FAQs, although these FAQs do not apply here.

As to the first issue – The export folder was absolutely empty. I just created it few seconds before exporting.

Second issue – I accept your reasoning, but the save prompt does not happen if I export just a single page or a parent-page in tandem with a child-page within, only when I export the entire site.

Third issue – the Finder window was closed at the time of exporting. What’s more, after I found out that the export folder appeared empty, I was switching between different folders back and forth, suspecting something like what you suggest. The export folder was remaining empty, or, rather, exported files remained invisible.


I’m sorry you’re having difficulty, unfortunately, this one has to go to for issues 1 and 3

As for issue 2, that is correct behaviour. I wish it forced a save even then because as I said, some plugins fail to mark the page as changed, resources change, theme properties change, etc as you may see an example of in the latest posted video tutorial on the Community (Silver/Gold membership required I believe).

I can’t tell you the number of times I have had to re-export the entire site to get on plugin’s data to be updated properly on the website… it is habit for me now to just mark all items changed and export/publish from there.

I don’t think there is a way to satisfy all users for this issue, because there will be those that don’t save their project and publish then complain there is no autosave on export snd they don’t have their changes live… support nightmare…

My opinion is simply 1 in many I am sure.

Good luck with your issues, surely sounds like an issue between RW and OSX but which to blame I am not certain and hence the need to email support.


Thank you, Brad. As I said, I do understand the reasoning behind RW wanting me to save every time. Just the inconsistency between exporting full project and a single page was making me wondering…

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Just FYI, today, the last problem (hidden items in the export folder) went away. Apparently, shutting the computer off and restarting took care of it…

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The only time I have had to do that is because of iTunes, but it is often the fix for crazy odd behaviour in apps that’s for sure.

Glad you got it sorted and thank you for posting that it is resolved.


The reason RapidWeaver may require you to save the document - even if you’ve just saved - is because the data that describes your Export location may have changed. Because we consider the Export location a part of your document, it’s important to ensure that folder choice is saved too :wink:

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Thank you, @nikf, for this definitive answer. It’s always good to know the reason behind an unexpected behavior… :grin:

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