Long time user having a problem exporting my site

(Thomas Dunne) #1

I have been using rapid weaver for many years probably since 1st version. I am not a high level user.

Recently when I opened my site in preview mode I can only see the top title nothing else is visible on my opening page. And I cannot change type. All my other pages are fine.

When I go to export my site I get the message

Exception while exporting site

  • [ - NSCFString replace characters in range : with string: ]: range or index out of bounds

what does this mean and how do I fix it? Help would be appreciated.

(Isaiah Carew) #2

that’s a bug, but we’ll probably need a bit more info about the page to figure out what’s happening.

are you using Stacks or any other plugins?
what version of macOS are you using?
what version of RapidWeaver are you using?

(Thomas Dunne) #3

not using stacks. Mac OS 10.13.5. Rapid weaver 7.5.5

(Thomas Dunne) #4

I redid home page that I could not see. erased old home page and error is still there when I go to export. The only plug in I use that didn’t come with the program is rapid maps 3.5.7.

(Isaiah Carew) #5

OK, we should probably report this bug to @dan then.

(Thomas Dunne) #6

How do I report the bug to Dan?

(Isaiah Carew) #7

are you actively using that plug-in currently? you might try removing it just in case.

however i think you should probably contact Realmac Support st this point and send them a copy of the file. There’s probably not much more help folks can offer on the forum.

as for reporting it: contacting support directly should be enough.

(Dan) #8

I’d imagine it’s this plugin causing the issue, however do drop support@realmacsoftware.com an email and we’ll look into it and get you back up and running!!!


(Thomas Dunne) #9

I sent an email and an aaron replied to me. He had me quit out of Rapid weaver and restart holding option. Then disable plug ins. I did this and same error message occurred.

(Isaiah Carew) #10

i’m pretty familiar with this message. i’m pretty sure it’s not plugins. i try to only send stuff back to Realmac when i’m pretty sure. :yum:

(Thomas Dunne) #11

Hi Dan I had sent my site in and Aaron was looking at it. Do you have any news on how it is going?

(Aaron Marquez) #12

Hi @thomasdunne - I believe I replied to your last message a couple days back.

While we weren’t able to pinpoint what exactly is causing the issue, one workaround is to create a new project and drag over all your pages/re-apply the theme (to the new project).

(system) #13

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