Annoying Upgrade Pop-up window

I am happy with RW8.9.4 and I don’t wish to upgrade to Classic.

Is this pop-up going to appear EVERY time I run RW8? Any way of disabling it?


Hey @Ruyton,

No, it’s set to pop up at various intervals, so it shouldn’t get in your way.

We’ll be continuing to add new features to Classic, so we hope you’ll see something that takes your fancy.

Happy Weaving!

Sorry, but I hate that pop-up however often it appears. I’m a long time RW user, I’m fully aware of the upgrade options and I’d like a way of turning that pop-up off.

It’s intrusive and unnecessary in my opinion.


Hi @Ruyton,

We know you’re a long-time user — It’s nice to see you back on this forum :relaxed:

We’ve not had any other complaints about this, so it wasn’t on our radar. We’re sorry you feel so strongly about it. We’ll look at adding an option into RW8 to disable it.

Any reason why you don’t want to upgrade? Classic is a great release.

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I’m not the only RW8 user to complain about the pop-up I’m afraid.

I currently see no reason to upgrade to RW Classic as it doesn’t offer me any functions that I need over those I already have with RW8. I worry about the longevity of Classic when Elements arrives and I’m uncomfortable with the one year of support plan especially as Classic only seems to be an incremental upgrade. I do subscribe to other software developers who offer annual renewal of support, but with those I have frequent and personal contact and I have yet to be convinced with regard to RW Classic support.

You will probably have seen from my posts here and elsewhere that I’m primarily a Stacks and Foundation user and there isn’t really anything in Classic that will help with my workflow. I don’t want my project files saving as .rwc as this just confuses the issue.

I am disappointed in the direction that RW Elements is heading but I will keep a close eye on developments with both Classic and Elements as they evolve.

I moved to RW many years ago when Apple stopped the development of iWeb and I have been very happy with RW since then, however, I will be watching the development of the Stacks App very closely and will consider my options when Elements and the Stacks app are launched.

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You’re the only one that has complained directly to us. Not seen any other reports.
But as I said before, we can add an option to RW8 for this in an update.

We’ve supported and updated RapidWeaver for 18 years. We reply to all support emails and forum posts in a timely fashion, more so than most other software companies. Not sure there’s much more we can do to convince you.

What direction is that? You don’t like the fact we’re developing our own drag-and-drop editor?

The Stacks plugin wasn’t updated in over a year (with extended periods of Isaiah going AWOL). RW cannot be reliant on a third party for core functionality that customers now expect as standard. We offered to buy Stacks from Isaiah, but he wasn’t interested… What were we supposed to do? Just let the sales continue to decline and go out of business…

RW Elements is not RW9 that was initially announced. A lot has changed since then.

RW Classic is our way of supporting existing customers who like the RW+Stacks workflow (ourselves included). We have no plans to stop supporting or updating it. In fact, it’s in our interest to keep adding features. The new pricing model is aligned for both parties now.

We hope that Stacks 5 will come to RWC, a lot of customers have told us this would be the ideal situation for them. We’ve asked YourHead if there are any new APIs they require…

As I’ve stated before, all we’ve ever done is try and support our users and developers. Our long history with RapidWeaver should be a testament to that.

That’s great to hear!

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And here we go again with the endless excuses, uhm ok… arguments.

Anyhow, I agree with Gary. Can you please remove this popup or make it possible to disable? You’ve turned my RW into crippleware ( or nagware, you decide).

Thanks Dan :wink:


It’s neither. We’re just responding to questions with facts.

It’s not crippleware or nagware.

"In software, crippleware means that “vital features of the program such as printing or the ability to save files are disabled until the user purchases a registration key”

“computer software which is free for a trial period and thereafter frequently reminds the user to pay for it.”

I think it’s more than okay to prompt our users and let them know there’s an upgrade out, it’s in everyone’s interest to upgrade to the latest version to take advantage of the new features and enhancements.

As I started above:

What else do you want us to do?

Sure, once is ok. Ok, I’ll go for a reminder, so twice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, it’s the “look at” part that concerns me. It says nothing about if and when it’s going to happen. Something like: “Yes, we add an opt-out and it’ll be in the next update that we release in week 28 of 2022.”

I guess world peace is not an option, right? All joking aside, I would say what I wrote above: confirmation.

Thanks Dan :+1:

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Thanks again for the feedback :roll_eyes:

We could up-date it this afternoon if we wanted, but we don’t feel it’s urgent as there are only two of you that have complained — and you’re both moving to the elusive Stacks App apparently :rofl: 🤷

We’re more interested in serving customers that want to continue using RapidWeaver, and appreciate what we’ve done for the past 18 years.

The simple fix for this is for you guys to downgrade to RapidWeaver 8.9.3 for the time being. You can download it here — Previous versions are always available on the Release Notes page.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to get back to putting the finishing touches on another RapidWeaver Classic update and get it shipped out today.

Well, that says it all really. Individual support?

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We’re supporting you right now, aren’t we? :relaxed:

The simple fix for this is to download to RapidWeaver 8.9.3 while you wait for an update. You can download it here.

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Believe that if you like Dan.

We’re doing our best to support our users and third-party developers. Always have done, always will. However…

We’re really confused here, we’re not sure what we’ve done to upset you so much. It feels like you have some misplaced grudge against us. Can you explain it?

No grudge, just a little disappointed really in the way that the whole Elements saga unfolded. I deleted my account on the new RM forum after reading all of the posts both for and against the planned way ahead.

I was just hoping for something here along the lines of ‘Don’t worry aout the upgrade pop-up, it will only come up the first time you run RW each day’.

Checking back it looks like I started using RW 4 sometime before 2011 as that’s when I upgraded to RW 5 and I’ve upgraded every versions as it appeared. iWeb was discontinued in 2010 so that’s around 12 years and 5 versions of RW.

I backed up RW 8.9.3 so I’ll go back to that for the time being. I did say I was waiting for Elements and the Stacks app to be released and in all probability I will purchase both, but Classic isn’t for me right now.

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Us too. We don’t think anyone expected things to turn out the way they did. It certainly took us by surprise.

We’re heading down a different path with RW Elements now, one I hope users and developers will be happy with.

You can sign up on the RapidWeaver Elements page to stay in the loop (and learn more):

Just looked into it again as it’s been a while, and the current setup is 1, 5, then every 10 times (same as we did for RW7). As I said above we’ll push out an update to RW8 that fixes this.

That’s great to hear. I hope our actions going forward will win you back over.

Take care :wave:

You made a typo… didn’t you mean this emoji? :fu:
That’s what I felt when I read your response. You don’t know what I’ll do. But you’re kind of pushing me in a direction (and I don’t like to be pushed).

Then leave.


We’re sorry you feel that way, but it’s not what we meant at all.

Contrary to what you seem to want to believe, we care for our users (and developers) and the software we’re building. We always have done, we’ve not stuck at this for almost 20 years because we don’t care.

We care more than anyone will ever know.

They don’t care… all they want to do is complain

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