Who’s going to be upgrading to Rapidweaver Classic?

Just out of interest who’s upgrading?

I will be it’s been years since the last paid upgrade and I’ve always found the upgrade pricing reasonable. There may not be a huge amount of new features but I’m happy it’s continuing to be supported.

Further down the line I’ll probably be buying Elements and also the new Stacks App by YourHead. I like new and shiny things! I think it’s a good thing there’s going to be a lot of choice out there.


Thanks for your support, it’s much appreciated. We think this new version of RapidWeaver is the best yet (but we would say that).

Not long to go till the launch :hugs:

Looks compelling to me. Assuming a fair fee (and it always has been thus), I’m in. If it is disappointing, I can always go back to RW8. Or perhaps wait to see how Elements might work for me. Stacks is a major factor there so some type of alternative, and an evaluation of its efficacy, would be called for. But no matter, I want to support ‘the boys’ in supporting my RW way of life.

Good luck, gents!

I will be going with both products ASAP. I operate my own servers so am looking forward to playing with new ideas.

It will be $49 to upgrade from Rw8 to classic.

Some of the features shown in last week’s vid look nice. I like the button to pop up the page list and the preview of the URL when editing the page meta data (folder/file name) is a very handy feature.

I’m not sure it warrants the upgrade for me yet; I’ll have a look at the time limited demo first I think.

I do hope the problems with publishing have been fixed in this version though.


Hmmm, it’s 2:11 AM on the 28th, and no links for upgrading to Classic as yet. I assume the rollout is not triggered by calendar date. Please advise when Classic is available today.

RapidWeaver Classic is now available — Go get it :tada:

I don’t like to have multiple apps to do the same thing. I will keep using RW8 and see what happens with all these apps playing bumping cars until I buy the one that will keep my workflow productive and relevant. Not criticizing those who like buying same task apps, I mean I know people that have Sketch and Figma for UI design, with Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Pixelmator Pro and Acorn in the same computer. It’s cool, just not for me. I’ll wait.


I’ve upgraded, since the combo RapidWeaver+Stacks+Foundry is the best I can think of for small-scale web development. Even before Foundry, it has allowed me to manage my personal web sites, theatre and festival web sites, a small magazine. With Foundry I’m going to the next level of free design.

So, another year of support is granted, to grant myself support from this wonderful set of apps!



No upgrade here. I don’t like being given two days to upgrade when I’ve been using RW for 10 years, seems pushy to get people to upgrade, but has the opposite effect on me, plus I’m not a fan of subscriptions.

I’m currently trialling a different platform, but will keep my eye on how things pan out here.


The ‘early bird’ price is 2 days, then it is the regular upgrade price after that


Exactly my point. This essentially says we’re rewarding those who buy our new product immediately, but not if you’ve supported us for many years.


The upgrade pricing is already there to reward those that have purchased from us before :pray:
The early bird pricing is an extra thank you to those that essentially “insta-buy” the upgrade. The early-bird price is there for the die-hard, true-be-weavers.

We’re really very flexible (and nice) and if you have a problem with the pricing or cost you can always just drop us an email and we’ll help you out :wink:

We’ve always worked hard to keep our customers happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I upgraded. I’m thankful that RM is willing to keep & support a Classic version, reasonably priced at that, when so many companies are going to subscription based software with no other options. I’m a little fish that DIY’s just about everything to save a dollar. I’m a multimillionaire when it comes to sweat equity :rofl: I was speaking with a small independent contractor the other day and he was complaining about all his software subscriptions cutting into his bottom line making it difficult to be competitive. So kudos to Realmac for their product support.

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Thanks so much, we’re trying to do our best to keep everyone happy (and stay in business) :relaxed:

Our hope is that @isaiah will bring Stacks 5 to RapidWeaver Classic so customers can keep on weaving with the setup they know and love.

@realmac Did the API get updated and expanded? If I recall @isaiah said one of the big issues was centered around the lack of hooks and a drastically changed API proposal.

The API in RapidWeaver Classic has not changed, hence all plugins that work in RW8, just work in RW Classic (this is good news). We have asked Isaiah to let us know what API changes (or hooks) he needs!

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same feeling. Love to buy upgrades but hate subscriptions. I bought every version of RW and many themes and plugins. I understand the business model of subscriptions, but hate to be tied in. A new version is needed for some time. I feel my RW projects are either becoming too complex or cant compete with WordPress sites.


Just to be clear, RapidWeaver Classic is not subscription-based. You can buy it once and use it forever.

More details are available here:

That really depends on your definition. After one year updates stop. Traditional licenses gave you updates for each major release. Once updates stop you don’t get bug fixes in the version you bought. This means you need to essentially pay every year, which imo is a subscription.