Another RW 8 issue Site background colour changes

Hi There

before I start a few basic info

I am on Mac OS 10.13.6 High Sierra
Latest RW8
Feather Theme using Stacks

Problem: Every time I change the colour of any stacks plug-in my overall background colour of my site also changes to the same colour I have just selected.

Co-incidentally I have also noticed that an ‘X’ has appeared next to some colour options in Inspector Theme control panel that I have never seen before (image supplied)

If I click this ‘X’ then the colour choice reverts back to my original, at least until the next time.

Any ideas?


The “X” means exactly what you found out: to revert or to disable when clicked. It’s a new thing in RW 8, I think.

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Thank you I realise that now. However my main question is why the content and header background colour keeps changing, when ever I make some other small changes, text spacing etc.

Last session, I had to click the ‘X’ and reverse these unasked for changes about 10 times, frustrating when I have other work to do!

Sorry. I only answered that part of your question I knew the answer for. The other part would be best answered by the creator of the theme you are using, I guess.

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